8 Habits To Avoid For a Healthy Beard

8 Habits To Avoid For a Healthy Beard

March 12, 2021

8 Habits To Avoid For a Healthy Beard

You've spent so long growing the perfect beard; why ruin it now? 

Check out these 8 habits you should avoid for a fresh and healthy beard throughout the day. 

1 - Plucking Beard Hairs 

It's tempting to pluck out a hair or two when looking in the mirror. Many bearded men turn straight to the tweezers when they're confronted with gray or nonconforming hairs. 

Although it may seem like the best option at the time, for your overall beard health, it can be detrimental. Plucking beard hairs have been known to cause bald patches, sometimes even damaging the hair follicles hair to the point that hair no longer grows. 

Plucking your beard hairs is a big no-no! It's the most important habit to avoid. 

How Can I Combat This Bad Beard Habit? 

There is no quick fix solution for this apart from willpower. When you're tempted to pluck out a beard hair, think about the overall effect that will have on your beard. Investing in a good beard care regimen should solve most beard problems, such as coarse or wiry hairs that do not conform with your overall look. 

2 - Pulling At Your Beard 

This problem is very similar to the one listed above. Pulling at your beard may not be intentional, but it does result in hair loss, just like plucking.

Pulling at your beard can lead to bald spots as it destroys the beard follicles to the point where they may not grow back.

How Can I Combat This Bad Beard Habit? 

Firstly, you must make yourself aware of the problem. The next time you catch yourself pulling at your beard, make a mental note. You will begin to realise how much you pull at your beard.

Once you have identified the problem, you can try squeezing a stress ball or interlacing your fingers when you think you're about the pull at your beard. Distracting yourself with another task should help to fix this bad habit. 

3- Using Artificial Products 

Some Beard products contain synthetic ingredients, and though these beard products may be cheaper, they can further damage your beard hair. The artificial ingredients found inside certain beard products can cause skin irritation and damage your facial hair. Although the initial results may look good, the overall effect will be bad for your beard health. 

How Can I Combat This Bad Beard Habit? 

Treat your beard with natural products for the best results. Our beard care collections are packed with natural ingredients and carrier oils for 100% natural beard care. 

Check out our collections here! 

4- Using Soap or Hair Shampoo In Your Beard 

Regular shampoo strips your beard of its natural oils, causing damage to the hair follicles and resulting in dry or brittle hair. Soap is similar and may leave your beard looking frizzy, causing damage to the ends of your beard hair. 

How Can I Combat This Bad Beard Habit? 

Use a Beard Wash to replenish your beard with its natural oils. Its unique formula leaves a lasting, hydrated and smooth finish to your beard. 

For more information, check out our blog: All About Beard Wash and Conditioner.

5- Stroking Your Beard 

Stroking your beard is not necessarily bad for your beard itself, but it can be for your skin underneath. 

If you have unwashed hands and you run them through your beard, your skin underneath will become contaminated with the same bacteria. This can lead to itchy and irritated skin or bad acne. 

How Can I Combat This Bad Beard Habit? 

Only stroke your beard, or allow other people to stroke your beard when you know their hands are clean. Carry a hand sanitiser with you to clean your hands if you need to top up your beard with styling or care products throughout the day. When applying your products in the morning or at night, ensure your hands have been thoroughly cleansed before your beard care routine begins.

6- Not Moisturising Your Beard 

Men's facial hair is often wiry and coarse. Beard hairs become dry and crisp as they are promoted by testosterone. The beard hairs then attempt to feed themselves with nutrients from the skin underneath. As the hairs grow longer, it becomes harder to pull the natural skin oils through each hair's whole length, leaving it brittle and dry. As the hair steals the skin's nutrients to feed itself, the skin becomes irritated and sore, resulting in itchy, red, unhappy skin.

How Can I Combat This Bad Beard Habit? 

Simple! Add a natural moisturising beard care product to your routine. Beard Oil or Beard Butter will help to hydrate and care for your beard hair and the sore skin underneath.

7- Heat Damaging Your Beard

Using too much heat on your beard, using a hairdryer or a straightener, can damage your beard hair. Too much heat can dry out your hair and lead to split ends. 

How Can I Combat This Bad Beard Habit? 

Avoid using too much heat on your hair! If you use a hairdryer to style your beard, keep the heat on a low setting and always blow in the same direction as the hair is growing. 

8- Using a Hairbrush In Your Beard 

Are you using a hairbrush to apply your beard products or style your beard? 

A regular hair brush has bristles that are all the same length. If you use this on your beard, you will miss many hairs. The hairs on your face are all different lengths, and some are hard to reach - a regular hairbrush is not an adequate tool to complete this job. 

How Can I Combat This Bad Beard Habit? 

Buy a beard comb! Beard combs are relatively cheap and also super handy. They are specially designed to reach even the shortest hair with their different length bristles. If you begin using a beard comb, you will see a real difference in your beard care styling and care.