8 Steps To Growing an Awesome Mustache

8 Steps To Growing an Awesome Mustache

February 20, 2021

8 Steps To Growing an Awesome Mustache

Step 1 - Find a Style 

The result will be easier to achieve if you can picture it before you start. 

There are some awesome moustache styles out there; all you have to do is find the one you like the best. 

Here are the top 7 mustache styles of 2021

  • The Walrus 

  • This thick mustache often covers the upper lip; think cowboys and wild west!

    Celebrities like Nick Offerman and Sam Elliot support The Walrus style.

  • The Horseshoe 

  • Hulk Hogan. You know the style now, right? This guy has made the horseshoe ultra-famous and popular. This Biker style tache is easy to maintain but tricky to grow. Check it out here. 

  • The Pencil 

  • A style that proves mustaches can be subtle. The pencil is favoured by many Hollywood stars, most notably Brad Pitt. Often paired with a light beard or stubble, this is an excellent style for a modern businessman who enjoys a minimalistic look. 

  • The Dad 

  • The name kind of gives it away… 

    This style is an American classic! Loved by dads and family men across the country, this style is full of volume and personality. Check out Tom Selleck showing off this style. 

  • The Handlebar 

  • The Handlebar is a thick tache with decorative ends. This style has been popular for hundreds of years, but it’s coming back in fashion. The Handlebar requires a lot of grooming, but its certainly worth it. Take a look at the modern style here

  • The Beardstache

  • This style is most popular with the younger generation. It combines classic styles like the walrus with a thick stubble, leaving a rugged look with a chic edge. As one of the hottest trends around this year, it’s a great one to master. Beard Resource’s article will tell you all you need to know about this awesome style. 

  • The Anchor Beard 

  • The clue is in the name; facial hair looks like an anchor! The Anchor Beard is a popular European style that leaves a thin line above the upper lip and chin. Take a look at this style here. 

    Step 2 - Grow It 

    Now you’ve found your perfect style; it’s time to get growing! 

    This sounds simple, but following the next steps will help you care for your skin and facial hair to achieve a better quality, healthier, less irritated mustache. 

    Step 3 - Wash It 

    Wash your facial hair daily. Not with shampoo or soap but with a specially formulated beard wash. 

    Regular cleansing products will strip your beard of its natural oils. A natural beard wash will refresh and cleanse your facial hair, replenish your skins natural oils and encourage more substantial growth. 

    Available in many scents, out beard washes smell as good as the feel. Check out our beard washes here.

    Step 4- Condition It 

    Beard conditioner will leave your beard feeling soft and subtle. Using a beard conditioner daily will increase your beards overall health and make styling a much easier process. 

    Step 5 - Treat It 

    It’s time for the beard oil! The ultimate product for overall beard health. 

    Your mustache’s best friend. Beard oil treats your hair with the natural oils it lacks, leaving it smooth and soft. It no longer has to feed on the skin beneath. By imitating your skin's natural oils such as Sebum, the Carrier oils soothe and replace the oils your skin has lost.

     It prevents itchy, dry skin whilst moisturizing and replenishing your beard, leaving a sweet feeling and smelling beard that is much easier to style. 

    Check out our all-natural beard oils here! 

    Step 6 - Train/Trim It 

    It’s time to start shaping your moustache. 

    Using a beard balm or butter, you can begin to shape your mustache to your desired style. Of course, at the moment, it might not be long enough, but the sooner you begin training the hair to sit in the right direction, the easier the styling will be. 

    If your mustache is growing too long in some area, don’t be afraid to trim it. However, it might be best to let all your facial hair grow long first so you can trim it down in one session. 

    Step 7 - Style It 

    Let’s break out the mustache wax!  This innovative little product maintains and nourishes your facial hair at the same time!

    Mustache Wax is a sticky wax used to control your fly-away hairs, leaving it smooth and silky. If you're looking to shape and mould your mustache you can create some crazy designs with a bit of wax! If you're looking for a little extra support throughout the day, mustache wax will keep your facial hair in place from start to finish.

    Our Mustache waxes are packed with ingredients to keep your mustache styled and healthy. Here is what you can find inside: 

  • Beeswax
  • Shea Butter 
  • Nine premium oils (Sweet Almond Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, Avocado Oil, Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Pumpkin Seed Oil and Hempseed Oil)
  • All Natural Ingredients
  • Our natural blend provides the ultimate care. Our collections are all scented differently so that you can find your perfect scent! Check out our beard care collections here.

    Step 8 - Care For It 

    Now you have achieved your perfect style, it’s essential to maintain it. 

    Check out how to start your beard care regimen over on our blog. 

    Get in touch - if you have any questions about beard care or out products, drop us a message! We always love to hear from members of our Tough ‘Ombre family.