How Do I Stop My Beard Being Itchy?

How Do I Stop My Beard Being Itchy?

November 14, 2020

How Do I Stop My Beard Being Itchy?


Growing a beard is seriously satisfying! It’s great to try out a new look and be creative with different styles. However, owning a beard can have its complications, particularly with the issue of itchiness. 


Beard itching can vary from person to person, sometimes appearing as just a mild itch. But irritation can be unforgiving, leading to lots of men to reach for the razor. 


Before making a last-ditch attempt to get rid of the itch by shedding the beard, it is imperative to know that shaving doesn't have to be the answer.


The first step to solving the itch is understanding the cause. As beard hair is unlike the hair on your head, it requires a different treatment.


Why Are Beards Itchy?


New Beards


If you've just started to grow your facial hair, it's common to experience an unfamiliar itch. When you shave your facial hair, the razor leaves a sharp edge after cutting the follicle. Once those short hairs begin to grow, the sharp edges irritate the skin and can create redness and sensitivity. When growing a new beard most men can expect their beard to be itchy for the first week or two, due to the irritation and new hair's capability to collect dirt and grime.


Fully Grown Beards


An established beard may not have the issues of new growth but any itchiness can be caused by dry skin beneath the beard. 


Skin requires moisture to stay fresh and healthy. Facial hair can dry up the skin and leave the skin dehydrated. Beards can also build up dirt and oil without proper care. Both dirt and dry skin can cause irritation and lead to horrible itchiness.


Treating an Itchy Beard


Most cases of itchy beards can be solved by following a few simple steps. Proper beard care will not only help with the pesky itch but also improve the overall beard health and quality.


Step 1: Cleanse


Beards can easily accumulate dust, dead skin and other grime. Lack of good hygiene can mean that the dirt can build up, mix with sweat and cause awful irritation. Keeping your beard clean by washing with warm water each day is a great first step to a healthier beard. 


When washing the beard it's a good idea to apply shampoo that is specifically created to be used on beard hair. Regular hair shampoo is not made for the thick follicles of beards and use can strip the beard of its natural oils.


Tough 'Ombres Beards understands the importance of a beard wash that removes unwanted pollutants while remaining gentle on the face. Our Beard Wash not only cleanses the beard but also includes skin-soothing Vitamin E and Olive Oil.


Step 2: Condition


Once cleansed, apply a nourishing conditioner. Specialised conditioners are a great way to soften up the beard, improving the texture and reducing irritation. 


When conditioning it's a good idea to leave the product in for a few minutes, before rinsing. Leaving the conditioner in for a moment not only smooths the hair but also detangles and strengthens.


Like beard shampoo, it is important to choose a conditioner that is purposely made for facial hair. Our Beard Conditioner is specially formulated to nourish and soften your beard. 


Step 3: Moisturise


To make sure your beard stays hydrated all day long add a moisturiser into your beard care routine. Using a beard oil or beard balm can help lock in that all-important moisture. 

Beard oil is great for all beards, particularly beards in their early growth stages. 


Massaging the beard oil into your can reduce dryness and provide a silky smooth look. If you're looking for a moisturising oil, we recommend applying a Premium Beard Oil. The Peppermint Candy Premium Beard Oil is not only gentle on the skin but also pleasing on the nose, with an arrangement of premium natural oils.


Longer beards may benefit more from a beard balm. As the balm sits on the skin longer than the oil, it's great for fuller beards that require more product. Not only does the balm nourish and add shine to the hair, but also helps expertly shape any stubborn beard hairs or fly-aways. Tough 'Ombres Beards' Premium Beard Balm contains shea butter and beeswax, gentle ingredients that seal in moisture and tame the beard.



Step 4: Brush


Different beard expects will argue on when's the best time to brush through the facial hair. We can confidently advise that the ideal time to comb is straight after moisturizing. Not only does brushing your beard at this time reduce damage to the follicles, but it also helps to evenly distribute any beard oil or balm.


Brushing your beard from top to bottom with a beard comb can help massage your hair follicles and train them to grow in a single direction. Doing so will also reduce the chances of in-grown hairs and further irritation.


Brushing is also vital if you want to effectively maintain a particular beard shape. 


Step 5: Repair


Beards can be prone to damage along the way. Ingrown hairs can be painful and irritate the skin if not removed properly. You can remove ingrown hairs with tweezers to prevent further irritation.


Step 6: Regular Maintenance


To keep your beard in tip-top condition it's important to keep on top of your beard maintenance. Regularly trimming your beard helps to retain its shape and keep sharp ends from scratching your skin. Trimming with high-grade clippers and scissors will allow you to ensure your beard remains tidy and shiny.


Following these six simple steps will help you maintain a healthy beard care routine that should help keep any beard itchiness at bay. If you're in need of any of the products mentioned above, check out the products on Tough 'Ombres Beards. We supply a range of balms, oils, washes and care products that will help ensure your beard gets the care it needs. With a range of fresh scents to choose from and natural, caring ingredients, our products offer premium quality at a sustainable price.