Starting a Beard Care Regimen

Starting a Beard Care Regimen

August 20, 2020

Whether you’ve been growing a beard for a very long time or are just starting, finding the best beard care regimen is very important. In this article, we are going to help you find the best products from Tough ‘Ombres to get your beard care regimen up and going. We are also going to provide you with some basic beard care tips.

Basic Beard Care Tips

1.      Be Patient and Persistent

First and foremost, we encourage beard growers to be patient while growing their beard. If you are just starting to grow your beard, resist the urge to trim it early on. This will let the hairs grow in evenly and help you determine a style that suits your length and fitness.  The itching at first can turn off people from beards a good beard oil helps prevent most of the itch.  

2.      Grow a Beard That Matches Your Face

Match your beard to your face shape. Please consult the handy dandy chart below to see some beard styles that might be perfectly suited for your face.

3.      Find a Great Beard Trimmer

Find a great trimmer. A great beard trimmer will make your beard less itchy and help you maintain the style that you want while making you look good.

4.      Develop a Regular Washing Regimen

Wash your beard no more than once or twice per week. This is important for not only the hair of your beard, but for the skin underneath. A great washing regimen will help prevent itchiness. Don’t overzealously pat your beard try with a towel, because this can lead to frizz and split ends. On days when you don’t use our beard shampoo, alternate between just rinsing your beard with warm water and using our beard conditioner.

5.      Maintain Your Beard with Good Beard Oil

Consider a good beard oil from many of our collections. Some from the competitors out there will be too heavy, shiny, or dry. A beard oil from Tough ‘Ombres will leave your beard looking immaculate.

6.      Train Your Beard

Train your beard to maintain its shape. A regular trim will accomplish this, but it’s not the only way to make your beard perfect. Use a comb or brush to get those stubborn hairs to behave. Tough ‘Ombres also has several different beard balms in each of our collections to help you maintain your beard shape.

7.      Take Good Care of Your Mustache, Too

Take good care of your mustache! A good trim of your mustache should happen every 3 to 4 days to keep stray hairs away. Use a pair of grooming scissors and naturally sculpt your mustache with one of the mustache waxes from our premium collections.

8.      Take Care of Yourself to Grow a Great Beard

Take care of your beard and mustache by taking care of yourself. You can add beneficial ingredients by using our beard butter to really nourish you beard.  Your beard depends heavily on vitamins B3, B5, and B9. You can take a daily vitamin, or you can also eat plenty of meats, nuts, egg yolks, and other protein sources to get the vitamins that you need for your beard and mustache.

Affordable Beard Care Products from Tough ‘Ombres

We have several different beard care products to help you build a great beard care regimen. As one of our brand’s valued family members, we want to provide you with the best products possible.

Barbarian Budget and Premium Collections

Our Barbarian Collection is a great scent that contains fig, sandalwood, and citrus and invites the everyday man to indulge his wild, innermost self. The products in this collection include conditioners, beard washes, body washes, mustache wax, beard oil, beard butter, and beard balm.

Cataclysm Budget Friendly and Premium Collections

Our Cataclysm Collection helps you beat the world’s societal norms and invites excitement into your day. The scents in this collection are designed to inspire boldness and confidence and include lavender, honeydew, and suede.

Hippeis Budget Friendly and Premium Collections

The Hippeis Collection is inspired by the ancient Greeks and their bold, valiant, and courageous traditions. Seize the day with the scents of green mandarin, basil, and oil.

Magnus Budget Friendly and Premium Collections

Named from the Roman tradition and aimed to be opulent and luxurious, our Magnus Collection gives you a deluxe scent and gives you the power to impress. The products in this collection contain lavender, amber, and sandalwood, capturing the finer elements of life so that you can thrive with confidence.

Peppermint Candy Budget Friendly and Premium Collections

The Peppermint Candy Collection is designed for men to impress her. This cool, refreshing, and sweet collection will give you all of the scents for impressing the lady in your life and make you more confident.

One Love Collection

The One Love Collection gives you a small slice of paradise. Containing scents of pineapple and coconut, this collection gives you the ability to enjoy summer all year round.

Using Beard Care Products from Tough ‘Ombres Each Day

  • Use our body wash products for soft, hydrated skin, and to match your beard care scents.
  • Use our beard conditioners to eliminate itchiness, stay fresh, and have a clean, nourished beard.
  • Our beard washes will help you minimize itchiness, energize lifeless beards, and stay fresh. For the best results, you should wash your beard once or twice each week. Between wash days, alternate between just rinsing your beard and using the conditioners.
  • The mustache waxes in our collections will help you have a perfectly sculpted mustache and stay fresh each day.
  • Add in our beard oils to soften and moisturize leaving your beard looking healthy and hydrated.
  • Use our beard balm early on and throughout the life of your beard to train it and maintain a shape that matches your face.
  • Use our beard butter with or in place of our beard balm for a fresh, nourished beard.

The Tough ‘Ombres Beard Care Promise

We want to make sure that each customer feels like they are a valued family member. We work hard to give people the confidence that inspires them to be the best that they can be in their everyday life. We have a profoundly deep sense of commitment to our customers and want them to have the best beard care products on the market today. We help men define themselves and set high standards to help them succeed in all facets of their life. A great looking beard is a great start in inspiring self-confidence to help you succeed.