7 Ways To Achieve The Perfect Stubble

7 Ways To Achieve The Perfect Stubble

April 10, 2021

7 Ways To Achieve The Perfect Stubble

The stubble beard look can transform a babyface and give it mature appeal. It’s a simple yet still stylish alternative to growing a full beard.

It’s easy to achieve this look, but it does require a bit of know-how. This guide goes over everything you need to achieve the perfect stubble.

Step 1: Grow It Out

The following steps will need your stubble to be at a long enough length to work with.

Let it grow out for a day or two at least. You’ll want the stubble you grow out to be at least 3 cm.

The average man’s facial hair grows around half an inch per month. How much your stubble grows depends on your genetics, but you can nurture it with other factors. 

A healthy lifestyle is key. This can include having enough fruits and vegetables in your meals. Doing this gives your body the necessary nutrients for your hair to grow. 

Other options you can use are vitamin B supplements or beard oils that boost hair growth. They also hydrate the skin so you don’t get an itchy beard. Our blog Beard Oil: How to Beat Your Bearded Blues explains more!

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Step 2: Choose A Beard Trimmer Or Electric Shaver

The device you pick depends on how fast and thick your stubble grows.

If you shave at night and your stubble covers your face by the time you wake up, then you’ll want an electric shaver.

For fellows whose hair grows slower or is less thick, a beard trimmer will work great.

It’s not always possible to groom your hair daily, so having both is useful. Together they’ll make your stubble look smarter and more groomed. 

Step 3: Choose Your Length

You need to experiment with what length you like most. To figure this out, it’s best to use a beard trimmer. 

With your beard trimmer, you should trim your stubble bit by bit until you find the length you like.

To do this, begin with a longer setting on the guard and trim your stubble. You can then adjust it to a shorter setting and trim again. Keep repeating this process until you find the length that suits you most. 

It’s also ok if you trim it and realize you liked the previous length more. You can wait a day or two for your hair to grow out again and trim it to the desired length that you’ve now figured out. 

This process will also let you know the max lengths you’re ok with for the weeks where you don’t have time to trim daily.  

Step 4: Even Out Your Beard

Now that you know what length you prefer, you’ll want to apply this knowledge to the rest of your beard. 

With your beard trimmer, even out the rest of your beard by trimming across it all at the length you’ve decided on. Make sure you are doing this against the grain.

It’s ok if it doesn’t look perfect yet during this stage. 

What’s important at this step is that your stubble is the same length all across. Remember to check every section of your beard and that you’ve trimmed it to the right length. 

Consistency is important for a clean look. 

Step 5: Clean Up The Cheek And Neck Line

This step will help define the shape of your beard to give you that attractive groomed look.

To prepare your skin, use some shaving foam after you’ve splashed your face with some warm water. 

Let’s start with the cheek area.

Beneath your cheekbone, trim in a diagonal line from the top of your sideburn to the edge of your stash. If you don’t like this style, you can trim in a downwards oval shape underneath your cheekbones instead. You can then carefully trim the area beneath your lips for a neat appearance. 

Now let’s look at the neck area.

You’ll want to trim up towards the bottom of your Adam’s apple in a ‘U’ shape. The ‘U’ shape begins behind your right ear and slopes downwards and then back up behind your left ear. The hair in the area beneath this ‘U’ shape is what you want to get rid of.

To do this, carefully trim towards the ’U’ shape with slow, continuous strokes. Make sure you are trimming in the direction against your hair growth.

Once you’ve completed this step your beard should be looking great!

Step 6: Maintain Your Stubble

To keep your stubble looking cool but not messy, you need to maintain it.

How often you need to trim will depend on how fast and thick your stubble grows. Based on this, make sure you are routinely trimming your beard to your desired length.

For the weeks you’re too busy to regularly trim, step 3 will come in handy. Since you know the max length you’re ok with, you’ll know the longest amount of time you can go without trimming.

Step 7: Style And Moisturize

Stubble doesn’t need as much styling as other beard types, but there are steps you should take to keep it in top condition.

Your stubble and skin can get itchy and dry. This is why it’s important to nourish it with beard oil and moisturizer after trimming. Applying an oil, balm or butter will help soften the skin and stubble. This will make it look healthy, hydrated, and touchable. 

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Now that you know this, you can sport the perfect 5 o’clock shadow! Good luck! 

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