Beard Care Kings:  Tough 'Ombres Beards

Beard Care Kings: Tough 'Ombres Beards

August 27, 2020


Beard Care Kings: Tough Ombres

Perhaps you’re wondering who we are? Where did we come from? What do we do? 

If you’re keen to learn about all things beardy then you’ve come to the right place. It’s time to find out all about us and how we plan to help you.

Who are we? 

We are a beard care company providing top quality products and information for men who take their beards seriously. By providing budget friendly and premium collections we cater for your facial hair and your wallet! 

All of our products are made from natural ingredients and scented with the purest of natural oils!

What do we aim to achieve? 

We aim to help you look and feel your best! 

We want to share our beard care expertise with you to help you achieve the result you want! From combatting itchiness to reaching maximum moisturisation, our products and learning pages can help you achieve everything your heart (and beard) desires! 

Meet the owner 

Mr Pancho

I built Tough ‘Ombres Beards for the honest man. Men committed to growing, caring for and maintaining their beard. 

I strive for perfection and my goal is to help you achieve it!

My Life

As a disabled war veteran I understand the importance of commitment. 

After returning from combat I was in a dark place. I felt lost and angry at the world. Thankfully, the honour and respect I had for my family took over. 

I pushed the darkness out of my heart and made room for opportunities to help and serve the country I had once fought for. 

My son returned from his combat with the US army. He decided to grow a “Freedom Beard”. Like Son, like Father - I decided to support him by growing one too. 

I knew absolutely nothing about beards. But with true grit and determination I made it my mission to learn, research and fulfil my promise to my son. 

I always aim for excellence. A job should never be done half-heartedly and growing my beard was the same. I believe high standards should be met no matter the cost. 

Growing a beard was a real journey. No-one tells you about the itchy, uncomfortable steps it takes to reach a freedom beard! But where there's a problem, there is a solution. I learnt everything I could about beards to make mine successful. 

Now it’s time for me to give back to you. 

I believe it is my responsibility to mentor, inspire and encourage others to reach their goals. I am here to lead you to your pinnacle destination. By helping others I will find my success.

I created Tough Ombre’s to educate, inspire and provide access to success. A beard care service like no other.

Why a beard?

Growing a beard is important to me because it is not limited. No matter your culture, ethnicity or background, it is a commitment any man can fulfill. 

An act of defiance, it represents a limitless world. A representation of a free life, not constricted by the rules and “norms” of society. 

We are determined by our actions, commitments and moral code. True honour and passion are what make a true Tough ‘Ombre. 

The Tough ‘Ombre Team 

Here at Tough ‘Ombre we are family. 

We help each other grow and support each other through challenges. 

Together, we represent the honest man. A family driven by determination and hardwork. 

It’s our pleasure to welcome you to the Tough ‘Ombre family. We hope you feel at home here. 

It’s time to indulge your beard!