How To Combat a Dry Beard

How To Combat a Dry Beard

Dezember 12, 2020

How To Combat a Dry Beard

Is your beard feeling a little under the weather? 

Particularly in the Winter months many men suffer with dry and brittle beard hair. Your beard should be soft, hydrated and smooth, but sometimes it needs a little care. 

Luckily, there are many things you can do to help it in the right direction. Keeping a proper beard care regimen will help your beard stay healthy throughout the seasons. To find out more about daily beard care, check out our blog Starting a Beard Care Regimen or get in touch to ask how you can get started. 

If your beard is feeling dry, check out our tips below to get in back to full health! 

  • Trim Your Beard

  • Giving your beard a trim three times a week will get rid of any dry ends and keep your beard looking healthy and fresh.

    How to trim: 

    Comb your beard neatly into place, removing any knots. Using a good pair of beard scissors, trim any out of place hairs. Doing this regularly will keep your beard looking clean and styled. Beard care will be more successful on a unified beard.

  • Wash Your Beard 

  • Using a beard wash, give your beard a gentle clean. 

    The nutrients in the beard wash will begin to moisturize the beard hairs whilst removing any unwanted dirt. Your beard care products will work far better on a refreshed, clean beard. 

    Beard wash will get down to the root of your beard hair and get rid of any excess oils, leaving your beard feeling smoother and more supple. 

  • Use a Beard Conditioner 

  • After cleaning your beard hair, give it an in shower condition. 

    Apply a generous amount of conditioner from root to end. Leave the conditioner for around 30 seconds and then wash away. This will begin to moisturise the hair and add some well-needed oils. 

    You should wash and condition your beard at least three times a week. If your beard is extremely dry, try it more often for the first week to give it a boost back to health. 

  • Apply a Beard Oil 

  • Sometimes your beard becomes dry and crisp as they are promoted by testosterone. 

    In order to combat this, the beard hairs attempt to feed themselves with nutrients from the skin underneath. As the hairs grow longer it becomes harder to pull the natural skin oils through the whole length of each hair.

    Your beard is left bone dry and brittle.

    This is also not good for your skin. As the hair steals the skin's nutrients to feed itself, the skin becomes irritated and sore. This results in itchy, red, unhappy skin.

    Beard oil treats your hair with the natural oils it lacks, leaving it smooth and soft. It no longer has to feed from the skin beneath.

    By imitating your skin's natural oils such as Sebum, the Carrier oils soothe and replace the oils your skin has lost.

    It prevents itchy, dry skin, whilst moisturizing and replenishing your beard.

    Beard Oil is a beard man's best friend. The staple item in your beard care regimen. 

    Take a look at the Beard Oils over at our shop, available in a range of delicious scents and jam-packed with natural ingredients and oils.

  • Comb Your Beard 

  • After washing your beard and treating it with a natural beard oil, it’s now a good time to comb your beard

    Make sure your beard is in place. A neat beard looks healthier and happier. 

  • Style With Beard Balm 

  • Beard Balm is a handy step to add to your Beard Care regimen if you’re suffering from dry beard hair. 

    As a leave in conditioner, Beard Balm will work to get your hair feeling hydrated again. 

    Throughout the course of the day Beard Balm moisturises and conditions your beard hairs, leaving them soft and refreshed. 

    Use a small amount of Beard Balm to style your beard into place, the wax inside the beard balm will help mould and shape your beard as your desire. Your facial hair should feel shiny and smooth.

  • Treat It With Beard Butter 

  • If your Beard needs even more TLC, let Beard Butter work it’s magic overnight! 

    Beard Butter provides the ultimate beard nourishment whilst you sleep. A hybrid of Beard Oil and Beard Balm. Perfect for use overnight to rejuvenate your beard for the next day. 

    It reduces “beardruff” whilst treating your beard with a gentle but refreshing scent. As a natural way to moisturise, your beard butter will let you wake with a sweet smelling, hydrated and cared for beard. 

    Do you need any help with your beard care? Get In Touch via our social media or check out our Blog Page to assist with any of your Beard problems.