Which Essential Oil Best Suits Your Beard?

Which Essential Oil Best Suits Your Beard?

April 17, 2021

Which Essential Oil Best Suits Your Beard?

Figuring out which essential oil is best suited to your beard and needs can be confusing, but this list simplifies it for you.

Take a look below and find your new favorite essential oil. 

  1. Patchouli Oil

Perfect For: Reducing Wrinkles And Blemishes 

Healthy skin equals a healthy beard, so patchouli oil is your new best friend. This oil is fantastic for improving the appearance of your skin over time. Each application works to minimize wrinkles, blemishes, and any other skin imperfections. The earthy notes of this grounding oil will keep you looking, smelling and feeling irresistible all day.

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  1. Magnolia Oil

Perfect For: Moisturizing The Skin 

If you don't moisturize the skin underneath your beard, you're risking breakouts and restricting the growth and health of your beard. Magnolia oil is magnificent for moisturizing and calming the skin. Its fresh scent and traits are ideal for a balanced man who cares about the growth and comfort of his beard. 

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  1. Juniper Oil

Perfect For: Healing And Protecting The Skin 

In medieval times, the lore surrounding juniper oil was rumored to repel witches, but these days it's known for its restorative and protective nature. Juniper oil has powerful antiseptic properties and can ward off skin infections while soothing irritated skin. It can also soften your hair. With this oil, you can leave behind your worries and indulge in its many great healing effects. 

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  1. Amber Oil 

Perfect For: Calming the Mind 

Amber oil is long-lasting and helps you achieve a good night's sleep. If you struggle with respiratory issues or regularly suffer from colds, this essential oil can help to boost your immune system. Amber oil has a peaceful scent for a man who enjoys feeling cool, calm and collected. 

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  1. Bergamot Oil

Perfect For: Purifying The Skin 

For your beard to thrive, the skin beneath it is vital. Bergamot oil has been long used in Italy to cleanse and purify the skin while promoting a relaxing environment. Although a citrus oil, bergamot possesses calming qualities alongside the energizing traits you'd typically expect in citrus oil. This unique oil is perfect for after those long days where you want to give your beard some extra care, sit back and cherish the refreshing aroma.

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  1. Green Mandarin Oil

Perfect For: Soothing The Mind And Body

Green mandarin oil provides an internal healing effect on your mind and body. If you have trouble with your immune, respiratory, nervous or digestive system, this essential oil can boost your health. With its uplifting citrusy scent, rejuvenation is just around the corner.

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  1. Lavender Oil

Perfect For: Reducing Razor Bumps

You can keep the irritation of razor bumps at bay with lavender oil. Lavender oil has been highly coveted throughout history and was valued by the ancient Romans and Egyptians for its soothing properties. This calming quality of the oil makes it ideal for preventing painful razor bumps. It's the best oil to apply to provide relief and care to your skin and beard during and after shaving. 

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  1. Grapefruit Oil

Perfect For: Uplifting Your Mood

When it comes to reinvigorating your mood, grapefruit oil is the ultimate essential oil. This is because it contains limonene, a chemical known for its uplifting and energizing effect on a person's mood. Its natural and compelling chemistry paired with its bright and refreshing fruity scent makes grapefruit oil ideal for those days where you need an extra pick me up and a nudge in the right direction. 

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  1. Lemon Oil

Perfect For: Promoting A Healthy Glow

Lemon oil is well known for promoting a clear and healthy glow when applied topically. This is because of its cleansing and exfoliating attributes. The oil is full of antioxidants that help detoxify and stimulate a youthful and energetic appearance. For men seeking a reinvigorating boost to their beard and skin, lemon oil is the way to go.

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  1. Clary Sage

Perfect For: Promoting Healthy Hair And Scalp 

Clary sage oil was popular in the Middle Ages because of its relaxing benefits for the skin. This is because the oil is rich in linalyl acetate, a chemical that boasts calming effects on the skin. It's also beneficial for the hair. Clary sage oil stimulates stronger, healthier and softer hair that looks, feels and smells fantastic. The health of your hair is inseparable from the health of your skin, so an oil like clary sage that targets both areas is irreplaceable. 

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  1. Sandalwood Oil

Perfect For: Promoting Smooth Skin

For centuries, the woody and rich sandalwood oil has been used for its mood-enhancing properties, but this long-lasting oil can also help you achieve smooth skin. The versatile oil has been proven to minimize the appearance of skin blemishes and imperfections. If soft and fresh skin that provides a healthy base for a thick beard is what you desire, sandalwood oil is your pal. 

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  1. Birch Leaf Oil

Perfect For: Healing 

Birch Leaf oil has powerful antiseptic and antimicrobial properties because of Salicylic acid and methyl salicylate ingredients. These aspects make it the ideal oil for healing cuts from razors or other activities while also protecting the cuts from infections. It also relieves and numbs pain because of its anti-inflammatory qualities. For the active and energetic man, birch leaf oil is the perfect remedy so that you can go about your day without worry.

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  1. Basil Oil

Perfect For: Providing Relief 

Basil oil is brilliant for providing relief to the mind and body when anxious or tense. This is because the oil is plentiful in linalool, a chemical that is proven to reduce anxiety and, in its place, encourage concentration. From the moment you apply it and inhale its refreshing aroma, its cooling sensation will wash away your fatigue and bring you clarity and peace.

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