Coronavirus & Your Beard

Coronavirus & Your Beard

enero 09, 2021

Coronavirus & Your Beard: How To Care For Your Beard During The Pandemic

Cor-oh-no! The pandemic is still here…

You may be worrying about your beard. Does it heighten your risk or infection? Will it cause discomfort underneath your mask? How does the virus spread? 

We’re here to combat any rumor's and advise you how to maintain a healthy beard during this world-wide crisis. 

Do I Need To Shave My Beard?

Absolutely not. Thank goodness!

Don’t worry! You don’t need to shave your beard to remain safe. Just a few grooming practices will help your beard stay healthy, hygienic and thoroughly cared for. You’ll be totally safe and secure with your glorious beard!

Do Beards Carry Germs?

Well, as every part of your body carries germs, similarly, your beard too has germs. However, it doesn’t mean that these germs are going to harm you. Many germs live on our bodies without hurting us. In fact, a few germs help us in the digestion process, so they are important as well.

It’s not something to be apprehensive about as long as you’re maintaining the grooming standards.

Every Coronavirus study to date, has concluded that shaving your facial hair will not save you from contracting the virus. So, there is no need to shave your prized possession.

What Do The Doctors Say?

There have been different views of different doctors regarding keeping beards during Covid 19. A few doctors recommend shaving beards in order to take safety precautions against the disease.

While, on the other hand, a few doctors also suggest that you should grow facial hair and keep a nice beard as a beard can perform the role of a filter, catching the respiratory droplets before they enter your mouth or nose.

As always neither of the contradictory views provide sufficient evidence for their argument. Research shows that the beard remains completely uninvolved in the spread of the Virus. 

No medical evidence has yet been found that people with beards have a high risk of getting Coronavirus. Moreover, studies also suggest that people with beards and people with clean shaves have an equal amount of germs on their facial skin. So, there’s no point panicking and getting rid of your beloved beard. 

How Do I Wear a Face Covering Properly With My Beard?

Let’s be honest, wearing a face covering with a beard is annoying!

Beards tend to obstruct the mask’s seal which means that you might not be 100% safe against the disease. The seal of a protective mask such as KN95 could get blocked around the nose and mouth, invalidating the main purpose of such masks.

Moreover, a number of healthcare workers with beards tried these protective masks but none of them were able to achieve exact fits. In these cases, they were reportedly recommended to go for a facial hair trim.

This however - is avoidable. It’s important that you pick a mask that fits your face accordingly. Right masks are extremely hard to find. Some may give rashes to your skin, or cause serious beard irritation.

Soft material face coverings made of cotton, polyester or felt, are likely to be far more comfortable on your skin. Why not try our snug-fit face mask? They’re comfy and stylish!

Another alternative for bearded men is to invest in a custom made face covering. These are more expensive - however if you find yourself wearing one a lot, it could be a good investment.

Face Masks and Your Beard Care

Men with thick, long, and dense beards have complained that wearing face masks for a long time destroys the shape and structure of their beards. Hair stops growing due to constant impeding and hair even becomes messy and tangled. Plus, hair becomes frizzy and it really becomes hard to recover them.

Basically, wearing a mask entraps humid air around the face which consequently means that your beard will not be safe from humid air. Humidity is the biggest rival of good hair. It naturally produces tangles and frizz.

In such a scenario, you need to indulge in extra pampering for your beard. A good Beard Oil and Beard Balm are essential to improving your beard nourishment. A Beard Butter can neutralise the bad effect of humidity and adds extra hydration to your beard hairs. .

How Do I Protect My Beard Whilst Wearing a Mask?

Masks are now mandatory. You don’t get entry to a number of premises if you are not equipped with a mask. So, let’s have a look at a few ways through which you can protect your beard while wearing a mask. Here we go:

  • Keep Your Beard Dry

When you wear a mask on a dried beard, there will be no tangles and the hair will remain smooth. Tangles appear when you wear a mask on a wet face.

  • Brush Your Beard

Just after you remove the mask, you need to brush your beard hair thoroughly in order to clear any knots. Tangles result in the breakage of your beard hair.

  • Apply Beard Oil

A natural beard oil will keep your beard smooth and supple. Our premium beard oil will deliver excellent results. Applying beard oil will reverse any damage that occurs due to wearing a face mask excessively.

  • Switch For a Face Shield

The face shield is by far the best alternative to face masks. It’s a shield, made of plastic that acts as a visor. It may look odd but your beard will remain safe for sure. In fact, it’s recommended that you divide your time between wearing a mask and donning a face shield.

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