30 Beard Facts You Probably Didn't Know

30 Beard Facts You Probably Didn't Know

janvier 23, 2021

30 Beard Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

Check out these weird and wonderful beard facts! 

How many did you already know?!

  • On Average It Takes Around 300 Hundreds of Strokes to Shave Your Face

  • It takes between 100 to 600 strokes for a man to completely shave his face. Sounds like a good arm workout! 

  • There is a fear of beards called Pogonophobia

  • Apparently this fear affects thousands of people world-wide! We can safely say that luckily we don’t suffer from it! Symptoms include nausea, feelings of dread, sweating and more!

  • Pogonology is the study of beards!

  • If you study beards professionally you’re a pognologist. 

  •  A man’s beard will grow roughly 5.5 inches per year on average.

  • Beards have often been warned against in battle 

  • Alexander the Great once said “Don’t you know that in battles there is nothing handier to grasp than a beard.” - he then made his army shave! 

  • ZZ Top Band members were offered $1 million to shave their beards

  • Billy Gibbons and Dusty Hill were offered the money from Gillette to shave off their iconic beards for a promotional event. The men turned down the offer and kept their beards instead! Legends. 

  • In Roman times your first shave was celebrated

  • Romans saw a boy's 21st birthday as a transition from into manhood. People used to gather as the boys face was shaved, as it symbolised a “fresh start”.

  • Beards can help protect against UV rays

  • The University of Southern Queensland discovered that beards can help protect up to 95% of harmful UV rays! Another great reason to grow one.

  • In the middle ages it was offensive to touch another man's beard!

  • 33% of men in America and 55% of men all over the world have facial hair.

  • In the 19th Century, when beards were incredibly popular, some women would tie locks of hair under their chin to mimic a beard.

  • The longest beard in the world today is 1.83 m (6 ft) long!
  • This impressive beard belongs to Shamsher Singh of Punjab, India.

  • Abraham Lincoln was the first U.S. president to wear a beard in 1860.

  • Abraham Lincoln's unique beard was the foundation for a new style of beard called the chin curtain

  • You could grow a 27.5 foot beard

  • It's thought that if you put down the razor and never shaved again, the average man could grow a 27.5 foot beard.

  • They have been used to deter jellyfish 

  • Sean Conway was the first man to cycle, swim, and run the entire length of Great Britain. He kept a beard to stop jellyfish from stinging his face! Great thinking! 

  • You used to be taxed for having a beard!
  • Peter the Great liked his men to be clean shaven. If you ignored his wishes you were taxed 100 rubies a year. If you paid you wore a medal that acted as a license for your beard. 

  • People used to buy fake beards.
  • In the Victorian era having a beard was incredibly fashionable and seen as a necessity for every man. Men who struggled to grow beards would purchase false moustaches or facial hair and attach them to their face. 

  • Until the 1700’s you would visit barbers or groomers to be shaved. 

  • The first adverts for personal razors didn’t appear until the 1760s! 

  • Barbers and surgeons used to share jobs! 

  • Up until the mid 18th century it was common for your barber to also perform minor surgery. It's rumoured they also used the same instruments… Sounds like Sweeney Todd!

  • The Longest Beard ever recorded was a whopping 17ft 6inch! 

  • In 1927 Hans Langseth from Norway grew this humongous beard! It is now stored in Washington DC in the Smithsonian Institution.

  • Beards can stop acne 
  • Shaving spreads bacteria around your face and the razor often causes skin irritation.

  • Beards grow faster in the daytime than the nighttime.

  • The International Boxing Association prohibits amateur boxers from having beards. 

  • Ancient Greeks used to take pride in their beards! 
  • They used to curl their beards to create tight hanging curls.

  • The longest female beard ever recorded was measured at 30cm!

  • Most kings have beards… 
  • The only king without any facial hair in a deck of cards is the king of hearts!

  • The average moustache will trap a pint and a half of beer every single year. 
  • We reckon it might be more…

  • Beards were once prescribed to prevent illness.

  • Doctors in the victorian era said that beards would act as a filter and would help to trap harmful particles before they enter the body. 

  • There is a Band dedicated to writing songs about beards!

  • Guess what they are called…. The Beards! The Australian band have released around 40 songs all about beards! 

    We hope you enjoyed those weird and wonderful facts as much as us!

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