All About Beard Wash and Conditioner

All About Beard Wash and Conditioner

mars 05, 2021

All About Beard Wash and Conditioner

So, you're growing a beard. You've probably heard you should start using a Beard wash and conditioner to keep your facial hair healthy and strong! But why? Can't you just use regular soap? It's the same thing, right?

We're here to tell you everything there is to know about Beard wash and beard conditioner, so you know how to use it, why you're using it and when to use it. 

Let's Go! 

Beard Wash 

What is Beard Wash, and what does it do?

Beard wash is a special type of shampoo specially formulated for your beard. It is used to clean, hydrate and moisturize your beard and the skin underneath. Beard Wash is the first step in your Beard Care Regimen; you use it whilst showering or bathing. 

Beard wash is a great way to eliminate any foul smells from your beard. Food and liquid can get caught in your beard, causing an unpleasant odour. A beard wash refreshes your beard with a pleasant, long lasting fragrance.

How is Beard Wash Different from Soap or Shampoo? 

Regular shampoo strips your beard of its natural oils, causing damage to the hair follicles and resulting in dry or brittle hair. Soap is similar and may leave your beard looking frizzy, causing damage to the ends of your beard hair. Beard Wash replenishes your beard with its natural oils, and its unique formula leaves a lasting, hydrated and smooth finish to your beard. 

What Happens If I Don't Use Beard Wash? 

Don't panic - if you have had a beard for a long time and have never used Beard Wash, you're not in any serious trouble. Beard Wash or Beard shampoo is simply a more effective way of caring for your beard whilst cleansing. You may find your beard is rough or coarse after showering with regular shampoo, and the skin on your chin may become dry or itchy. Beard wash is a way to add some moisture to your cleansing ritual, leaving your beard more hydrated and soft to touch. 

Beard Wash is an excellent solution if you suffer from beardruff (caused by the flaking on the skin underneath your beard). It replenishes your skin with the natural oils it has lost throughout the week and hydrates the skin, stopping any irritation. 

Beard Conditioner

What is a Beard Conditioner, and what does it do? 

Beard Conditioner is a special type of conditioner specially formulated for your beard. It is used to condition, hydrate, and moisturize your beard and the skin underneath after being cleansed with Beard Wash or Beard Shampoo. Beard Conditioner is the second step in your Beard Care Regimen; you use it whilst showering or bathing. 

Like Beard Shampoo, you wash out Beard Conditioner after use, leaving lasting freshness and moisturization. 

How is Beard Conditioner Different from a Regular Conditioner? 

Similarly to Beard Wash, Beard Conditioner nourishes your skin and Beard hair with natural carrier oils and vitamins, stopping itchiness, dryness and beard dandruff. It encourages softer facial hair and smoother skin.

A regular conditioner does not contain the vitamins or oils essential to Beard Health. The hair on your face is different from that on your head and needs special care. Using a standard conditioner can result in a loss of hydration and drying out of the facial hair, a counteractive effect. 

What Happens If I Don't Use a Beard Conditioner? 

Beard conditioner is a beneficial product. If you haven't used it until now, there is no need to worry. It is an effective addition to your beard care regimen that will deliver successful results. 

When and How to Use Beard Wash and Conditioner

When Should I Use Beard Wash and Conditioner? 

Beard wash and conditioner are often used together. Like regular shampoo and conditioner, they work best as a pair. 

It is not recommended to use Beard wash and conditioner every day as regular cleansing may be counterintuitive, as it does not let your beards natural oils flourish. 

We recommend using Beard wash and conditioner 2-4 times a week, depending on your beard's condition. It should be followed with your regular Beard care regimen, including a leave-in treatment such as a beard oil or balm. 

Which Beard Wash and Conditioner Should I Use? 

Some Beard products contain natural ingredients, and others contain synthetic ingredients. You should always use natural products on your beard. The artificial ingredients found inside certain beards brand products can cause skin irritation and damage your facial hair. Although the initial results may look good, the overall effect will be detrimental to your beard health. Treat your beard with natural oils and washed for the best results.

All our Beard Washes and Conditioners are made of natural ingredients! They are available in a variety of sweet-smelling flavours and are sure to take great care of your beard. Check them out here!

Our Beard Washer and Conditioners:

➔ Gently cleanse your beard with no harsh chemicals

➔ Minimize itchiness by softening your facial hair and skin 

➔ Energize lifeless beards

➔ Stay fresh with an uplifting everyday scent

➔ Easy to use

How Do I Use Beard Wash and Conditioner? 

  • Thoroughly wet your beard (can use in shower or bath) 
  • Pour a small amount of Beard Wash onto your palm, then rub your palms together.
  • Begin at the root of your beard, gently rubbing the wash into the skin on your chin
  • Gently cover your beard in the wash until it is all covered.
  • Make sure to get underneath the chin and your neck 
  • Wash out the Beard wash 
  • Pour a small amount of Beard Conditioner onto your palm, then rub your palm together
  • Begin halfway up your beard and gently pull the conditioner through to the ends of the hairs 
  • Leave for 1-2 minutes 
  • Rinse the beard conditioner thoroughly 
  • Towel dry your beard gently, in a patting motion 
  • Add a leave-in conditioning product such as a Beard oil, balm or butter. 

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    Any questions - drop up a DM over at Tough 'Ombres Instagram.