Halloween:  The Best Beard Costumes!

Halloween: The Best Beard Costumes!

octobre 08, 2020

Halloween: The Best Beard Costumes!


The spooky season is upon us! It’s time to embrace your beards Tough 'Ombres. So, don’t shave and get the most out of Halloween, this year! Halloween costumes an awesome beard, outperforms a clean-shaved character any time!


So, if you are a dashing dude with great beard hair, there’s an amazing costume waiting for you this Halloween! Even if your beard hair is not up to the scratch just yet, get some of our Premium Beard Oil and prepare your beard!


No matter whatever style of beard you keep, there are some wicked choices out there for you! So, let’s have a look at the best of the Halloween costumes for all the bearded, rough, and tough guys out there! This is going to be one fun costume party...


Alan from the Hangover


Hilarious! The Hangover is definitely one of everyone’s favourite movies. Every character is pretty awesome, but Alan steals the show! So, you can replicate Alan’s bearded look and be the shine of any Halloween part happening in the town. The costume is really simple, yet unique. So, listen up, you bearded men! All you have to do is to don a pair of crazy aviators and keep a baby doll in a carrier and you’re good to go! If you're a fun loving, funny guy then this is a great option for you.


Dressing as Alan, this Halloween is sure shot to bring plenty of surprises. Who knows what the night will bring to the party!


ZZ Top Musicians


The musicians from ZZ Top can’t be missed when we are talking about cool Halloween looks for bearded men. The guitarists from ZZ Top are top-notch. But, their beards are even better! The music that they make is awesome but it can’t beat their beards let's be honest!


You’ll have to put some serious effort into replicating their beards, but it will be worth it! We recommend you moisturise your beard with a Premium Beard Balm. Keep your beard healthy and in shape by applying it thoroughly every morning.


Carry a guitar, put on a pair of glasses, and don’t forget the signature hats to complete this Halloween look!




Dumbledore from the Harry Potter Series is a superb choice for the bearded men. Although growing such a long beard is a hard task for many- some of you ultimate beard lovers out there might succeed! The elegant, headmaster look will gather all sorts of praise and respect that will wow the party!


A Wizard hat, long grey robe and a Harry Potter wand to accompany your mighty long beard, is what you need to replicate Dumbledore’s look. If you're not a silver fox already, get your hands on some temporary white hair colour spray! It washes out we promise...


Hulk Hogan

The super-duper wrestler with a super-duper moustache will cause a stir at any Halloween party. Growing a moustache like Hulk Hogan is not too easy. Try our Moustache Wax to help get your into shape!.


Get a Red Boa, a WWE Championship belt for some real feels, a red bandana, and a pair of yellow wrestling boots to complete the awesome look of Hulk Hogan!


Heisenberg from Breaking Bad


Breaking Bad is so intriguing that every fan keeps on demanding fresh seasons time and again. Well, today let’s talk about Walter White who transformed into Heisenberg. The hat and thick goatee, transformed the chemistry teacher into the unusual Heisenberg!


Any easy costume for shorter bearded men. Start grooming your beard now, to match the thick healthy standard of Heisenberg. A hazmat jumpsuit, Toy Uzi, and a Porkpie hat are the must-haves for the Heisenberg look.


Captain Jack Sparrow


A'hoy! No-one can resist the charms of the handsome, charming pirate! Imitating the Captain Jack Sparrow’s look is the perfect idea for Halloween if your beard is long and thick. Plait your beard and beads and braids for this character's create and colourful look.


If you wish to plait your beard, you’ll be needing the help of a Beard Balm. This will keep your beard in place whilst keeping it soft and silky. There will be less problems when you finally take the braids out...


A Jack Sparrow Costume and a pirate sword are the two essentials you’ll need for acing the Jack Sparrow look.


Chuck Noland (Tom Hanks - Cast Away)


Who can ever forget Tom Hanks from Cast Away! His full beard and scraggly hair is definitely one to remember.


This is a great time to grow your beard and experiment! See how long you can grow your beard. It's super fun to not worry about taming your beard for once - let it roam free!


A Spartan Warrior Costume and a walking stick will help you achieve this look!




What a handsome dude! There is no denying Thor is an awesome character with a super stylish beard. Chris Hemsworth is a Hollywood heart-throb, and halloween is a great time to take on his irresistible charm. The God of Thunder, the undying being and the ultimate superhero - who wouldn't want to spend a night as this guy?!


To complete this look you definitely need Thor's infamous hammer! He wouldn't go anywhere without it. Strap yourself up in some mighty costume armour and spend the night as the world's favourite superhero! Sounds like a good plan to me...


The Bottom Line


So have you decided? Who are you dressing as this halloween? We hope our blog helped you decide on an awesome outfit! When you have picked the perfect costume, don’t forget to groom your beard and moustache with products from our wicked collections! If you need any help finding the perfect product - please don't hesitate to get in touch. We're always happy to help fellow Tough 'Ombres! Head over to our main site for more info!


Happy Halloween!