The Best Beardstagrammers of 2020

The Best Beardstagrammers of 2020

décembre 29, 2020

The Best Beardstagrammers of 2020! 

As a company devoted to beard care, we love to see real people promoting real products on our social media. 

When we began our Instagram journey, we had to battle through tons of beardstagrammers and beard style icons, filling our daily feed with thousands of paid beard ads and overpriced products! 

Along the way, we have connected with some seriously awesome people. It’s easy to forget that there is a person behind the account and today we’re here to tell you about some of the very best beard instagrammers we have found, who are awesome both on and offline. 

So, here is our list of Beardstagrammers YOU NEED to be following in 2021! From giveaways to reviews, product launches to live chats - we can’t wait to see what awesome content they have coming up in the New Year. 

It’s time to clear up your instagram feed and get following these beardtastic accounts! Check them out: 

  • @beardedhorsepower

  • The first thing to note is that this guy has an AWESOME beard. 

    As BYOB 2020 Winner, NBMC 4th Place for 8-12” Full Beard 2020, and one of our very own Beard of The Weeks’ - @beardedhorsepower is the account to follow if you’re after some serious beard inspiration. 

    As a married, loving Father with two children and a career as a General Manager of a Chevrolet, Cadillac, Buick, GMC Dealership in Troy, Alabama, you would think this guy had his hands full. However, he is also working hard at college to finish a Degree in Global Business Management, with Minors in Entrepreneurship & Accounting! 

    On top of this somehow he also finds time to run a really cool instagram page which is packed with top tips, reviews, giveaways and launches! @beardedhorsepower brings together his love of beards and cars, bringing you amazing information which could save you thousands of dollars!

    Here is what he had to say about his Instagram and Youtube Channel - ‘Beard HP was created because I got tired of wasting money on products suggested by those whose only care was to make some affiliate money off my purchase. We all weren't blessed with "PERFECT BEARD GENETICS", but with the use of the right products, proper care, and the incorporation of a few things in our diet, we ALL can at least get the MOST out of the genes given at birth, obtaining a Bigger, Healthier, & Faster Growing Beard.’


    We love seeing truthful reviews and honest opinions. After all, the aim of the game is to improve beard care and grow a fun beard loving community! We’re big fans of @beardedhorsepower as his channel guarantees to provide his HONEST & UNBIASED opinion on products, companies and processes, which are never motivated by money. His goal is to ‘help others obtain their absolute best beard, while saving as much money as possible.’


    Check him out! 

    Instagram: @beardedhorsepower


    YouTube: Bearded Horsepower

    Facebook: @beardedhorsepower

  • @mr_beardtastic  

  • This guys profile is jam-packed with reviews and giveaways! Make sure to check out the linktree in his bio which takes you to discount codes, beard communities, beard products and more! 

    It’s a great hub of beard fun which every beard enthusiast will love! 

    @mr_beardtastic (also known as Patrick) is based in Ohio and strives to deliver 100% honest reviews and quality HD 1080p videos! 

    Patrick started his channel to help new companies and small batches promote their products. If you take a scroll through his profile you can see hundreds of reviews from a mixture of companies. It’s a really great place to get to know new brands and discover more about what works for you. 


    Check him out! 

    Instagram: @mr_beardtastic


    Facebook: @patricknsky

  • @cbreezybearded 
  • Our first ever Beard of The Month!

    Cbreezy aka Cody Britt is one awesome guy! A founder of @BeardedAmericansBeardClub, Cody’s beardstagram is a combination of real reviews, beard selfies and great tips! 

    Based in Alpharetta Ga, Cbreezy has a lot going on, on top of his beard passion! Here is what he had to say - 

    “Here's a little bit y’all should know about me. I am a middle school football coach, the youth group leader at my church.I love being able to help out in my community and give back however possible. The best part is building relationships with so many people that I'm grateful to call friends and family. On my Instagram you will find beard product reviews, selfies showing off my beard, and posts about my beard club.”

    A down to earth guy with a seriously cool beard, his beard positive posts are sure to brighten your day! 

    Cbreezy also has a 25% off discount code for BABC members for our products at, click on the link in his bio to find out more! 

    Check him out! 

    Instagram: @cbreezybearded

    Youtube: cbreezybearded

    Facebook: @cbreezybearded

    Tik Tok: @cbreezybearded

  • @deliberatelybearded   

  • A brother of  @BeardedAmericansBeardClub with an awesome YouTube Channel

    Deliberately Bearded (aka Ron) was NJ born and raised but now lives in The Tampa bay area of Florida.  A Welder by Trade, Deliberately Bearded runs a relaxed and easy beardstagram which is a super fun to follow. 

    Ron is a great guy who is really easy to talk to. He is open about his current physical and mental struggles and is a great inspiration to the beard community! ,  

    Here is a little bit about what you can find over at @DeliberatelyBearded - “Right now people can expect reviews from my Channel from products I've bought or won. After the new year I plan on doing a weekly live stream with Dagan of bgg_beard_reviews . I personally have no discount or affiliate codes of my own yet but I'd be more than happy to pass on any I know of or that other reviewers may have”

    We can’t wait to see what Ron has lined up for 2021 - we will be sure to keep an eye out! 

    Check him out! 

    Instagram: @deliberatelybearded

    Youtube: deliberatelybearded



  • @jessethompson8282   

  • One thing we know for certain about Jesse is that he has a huge heart! 

    You only need to glance at his page to see it is aimed at helping the beard community in any way he can. A family man with two daughters and a beautiful fiancee, Jesse works as a CNA and is currently training to be a nurse!

    Born on Fort Knox army base in ElizabethTown, Kentucky, Jesse works hard to support Veterans (like his Father) by hosting giveaways and competitions specifically for Veterans as a thank you for all their work. 

    As a recovering drug addict, Jesse uses his awesome beardstagram as a platform to help others reach out in times of need and support others on the road to recovery. He also provides lots of information about mental disabilities to educate and inspire his followers! 

    Jesse is a huge member of the beard community and is always ready to provide support for trustworthy brands and fellow beard lovers! 

    Jesse is super easy to talk to and is always ready to have a friendly chat via his DM. We love his Youtube channel which is packed with giveaways, beard information and reviews. Make sure to check him out! 

    Check him out! 

    Instagram: @jessethompson8282

    Youtube: Jesse's Beard Reviews And Related News


  • @grahamsbeard

  • We had the pleasure of joining @grahamsbeard this Christmas Eve on his Instagram Live show and we absolutely loved it! Graham is laid back, easy to talk to and his videos are always a great watch. 

    A family man based in Griffith, Indiana, Graham is a retired swimming pool installer and drywaller.

    He is now completely committed to promoting great beard products and hosting giveaways to people that have served our country. He is particularly keen to support people that have started their own review shows or beard companies! 

    Graham has his own beard products which you can find on his shop over at He has tons to choose from! 

    An all round great guy, you can find lots of information on Graham’s profile. From giveaways to brand information, competitions to collaborations, @grahamsbeard is a great account to follow for all possible beard content.


  • Manedlife_

  • Manedlife_ (aka Adam) hosts a live show (bearded response) every Saturday! His beard reviews are honest, insightful and really fun watch!  

    Based in Indy, IN, Adam has three children and works in law enforcement. As a marine Veteran, Adam has had his beard for well over two years, so he is no stranger to beard care! Adam won one of our Beard of The Week competitions with his awesome beard!

    Adams' profile is packed with reviews and good stuff. He aims to influence others on the way of being bearded and provide great tips, tricks and education on beard care. 

    He has over 20 promo saving codes! You should definitely check out his account for awesome content. 

    Check him out! 

    Instagram: manedlife_

    Youtube: Maned Tube

    Facebook Group: Maned Life

    Accounts we also love:

    Here is a list of more of our favourite accounts. We can’t wait to see what they have got coming in the New Year! Make sure to check them out: