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Beard Oil

novembre 07, 2020

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Let say you have a beard, the first thing you’d have on your mind is to be able to maintain it top shape. You can approach this task many different ways, but none is as simple as knowing how to use beard oil. Applying a few drops of beard oil to your facial hair once or twice each day is a surefire way to keep your beard looking great while maintaining its overall health because the oil beard oil is the first and most important step in a beard routine. It has anti irritant properties, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and helps reduce acne, eczema, and other skin disorders. Every part of this oil brings its own unique set of attributes to the table, as well as each essential oil brings their own set of attributes depending on the oil type.

You’d be surprised by how many bearded brothers out there stay on top of their shaving and trimming routine but have no idea what beard oil is. Let’s put that right. While it might not be the best-known tool in your beard-grooming arsenal, the benefits of this oil can be unbelievable.

Beard oil is a well-researched blended and meant to minimize clogging pores, reducing irritation, reducing acne, stimulate collagen production leading to healthier skin which using light oils that have low pore clogging potentially made to create a product that nourishes both your whiskers and the skin beneath them. Regular beard oil use can help smooth out your beard, keep it looking shiny, and promote its overall growth.

The first references to beard oil date back all the way to Mesopotamian civilizations, where men were known to wear some decidedly ornate beard styles. Men in that society’s upper classes spent inordinate amounts of time having their beards dyed, cut, and styled into all shapes and sizes. They did this on a regular basis, which meant their beards were constantly being tugged and twisted—which is rough on both the face and the beard.

To counteract all the torment these beards experienced, stylists began applying sesame seed oil to their clients’ beards. While nowhere near as sophisticated as today’s products, sesame oil helped two ways: It could stave off lice, and it helped heal whiskers that had been treated roughly. This is an idea that carried forward through the ages, was expanded upon by experts, and has gotten us to where we are today.

Beards can be incredibly polarizing, with beard haters on one side and the never-shave camp on the other. (And some fans can get pretty weird.) One thing that the pro facial-hair crowd can agree on, though, is that if you’re going to grow it out, you got to do it right. That means avoiding dreaded overgrown neck hair, obviously, but to take your grooming to the next level, Tough ‘Ombres Beards for Men recommends their product as the product to take your look to the next level by acquiring that perfect whiskered look.

Make it a habit

Treat beard oil the same way you’d treat any part of your skincare routine. (Yes, guys, you should have a skincare routine by now.) “I recommend using beard oil daily as part of your morning routine” The CEO of Tough 'Ombres Beards Oil says. And just like any other grooming regimen, you have to be consistent to get consistent results. Starting and stopping can irritate your skin, so make it a habit. Plus, using an oil that is fast-absorbing and softening, like Tough 'Ombres Beards Oil, it will tame stray hairs and keep everything in line, so you’re going to want to use it every day anyway, it is made from the highest quality grade carrier oils, essential oils, shea butter, and local bees wax. Our blend has just the right balance of natural oils, blended with other ingredients to come up with the smoothest feeling formula that won't leave you feeling greasy. It's maximized to ensure your needs are met with regular use in your beard care routine.

Don’t overdo it

Keep in mind it’s an oil, so you only need a little to get the job done. For short beards, just apply a couple drops and massage it into your beard thoroughly. Even for longer beards (more than two to three inches in length), only a pea-sized amount is necessary. You don’t want to get a greasy look, so go easy on it -- you can always add more oil as needed, massage deep into skin for several minutes to ensure the oil is getting to the pores where it is needed the most and encourages blood flow. The skin is the foundation of the house so to speak, build strong hair follicles through healthy skin and it stimulates healthy roots. Some of the carrier oils penetrate as deep as the third layer of skin most oils cannot be absorbed into hair, but there are a few that can penetrate to a certain degree. The hair oil helps locks in moisture. The face has significantly lower pore counts compare to the head. Therefore, it is essential that we maximize the blood flow, encourage healthy pores and get them healthy and producing hair. If the pores aren't producing you’re not maximizing your beard potential. The head produces great amounts of sebum, while the face produces less, that is why we have to supplement it with good oils that clean the pores, maintain healthy skin, produce college, provide for the lack of nutrients. And drink lots of water. Some of our ingredients provide UV protection and help reduce sun damage, promote cell regeneration, elimination of free radicals. The oil is mainly for the skin under the beard. Hence step 1 Beard Oil, Step 2 Beard Butter, Step 3 beard wash, Step 4 Conditioner. Step 5 Beard Balm use as needed for when you want a little more hold. Step 6 Mustache Wax for when you want to shape that starch to the max. For further beard care routine steps feel free to visit where we go into great detail on what benefits each carrier oil, Shea butter, essential oils, bees wax, brings to the table.

It’s about skincare, too

Our beard oil isn’t just for beard hair, it’s also good for your face. “I'd say it's 50/50,” Mr. Pancho says of the benefits, pointing out that beard oil will hydrate skin in an area that’s hard for moisturizers and sunscreens to reach. That means you’ll need to make sure the oil gets all the way to the surface of the skin in order to get the full effect. The best way to do this, according to Mr. Pancho, is to get the oil all over your hands, then use your fingers like a comb and work with and against the grain to get a good, total coating. Make sure you’re picking out beard oils that contain ingredients that’ll be soft on your skin, too (like the aloe Vera, camellia oil, and green tea found in Tough 'Ombres Beards Oil).

Don’t forget to style

In the dark ages of beard care, you had only a few options for styling. You could trim your beard, comb it... and that was pretty much it. With oil in the mix, you have a lot more flexibility -- be sure to use it. The oil will keep stray hairs in line and give them a nice shine, so take the time to comb the beard into the look you want. Plus, the hair will be more pliable, so it should be easier to shape.

Don’t expect a miracle

The head hair and beard hair aren’t the same, so don’t expect them to grow the same, either. “Androgenic hair tends to be thicker and coarser than what you've got up top,” Mr. Pancho explains. That means a lot of things about your beard, but mostly, keep in mind that it’ll be much harder to tame than hair that grows from your scalp -- so don’t expect soft, luscious locks out of nowhere.

That’s just not how beards work. “To support beard growth, I recommend a healthy, well-balanced diet and a whole lot of patience with time you’d get the result you desire”Mr. Pancho says. And that part is up to you and how is it up to you? First is by choosing Tough ‘Ombres Beards.


The benefit of beard oil and why you should be using it

Nourishes and hydrates

Beard Oil nourishes the hair to make it softer and more manageable. It’s not only hydrating to the hair but the skin beneath too. When you grow a beard, the hair absorbs any moisture from your skin and due to this, your skin begins to dry out and without any moisture replenishment, the skin becomes dry and broken.

Prevents beard itch and dandruff

Dry and broken skin leads to beard itch and its partner beard dandruff. The dandruff is caused because of the excessive scratching and the dry, dead skin beneath the hair. By using beard oil, the skin beneath will be kept moisturized and stop both the itch and dandruff.

Tames flyaway hair

Beard hair has a mind of its own and will grow at different angles and lengths. Some men choose to style their beards to the shape of their face, whilst others simply allow it to grow as it pleases. There is no right or wrong, however, using beard oil will soften the hair to make it supple and manageable.


Beard oils are scented and really do scent amazing with lasting effect. Your beard will smell fresh, clean and depending on the essential oils added, incredible all day. Harsh aftershaves can be somewhat over powering but beard oils are gently scented with a more natural fragrance.

Helps your beard grow

It’s not going to suddenly boost hair growth and you won’t wake up with a thick, full beard overnight. However, as beard oil nourishes the hair, it prevents split ends and helps the hair follicle to become stronger. If you find that you have somewhat patchy hair growth, beard oil promotes healthy skin and can help the hair follicles to flourish and prevent ingrown hair.

Helps pores and inflammation

If you have particularly sensitive skin, due to beard oil moisturizing the skin beneath, it can help prevent the redness and irritation that comes with harsh chemicals from shampoos or day to day environmental changes.


Choosing the right beard oil for your face

Growing a healthy, epic beard takes a lot more effort than just kicking back and letting it do its thing. It requires some hair care and grooming maintenance. But, with so many products out on the market it may be difficult to decide which one will work best for your beard. Tough 'Ombres Beards came to the rescue with an in-depth guide to break down each beard product, what it’s made of and what its purpose is, so that you can make the right choice for your love curls.


Ahh, the trusty old beard oil! If you’ve been interested in the beard grooming game for a while you’ve probably seen a ton of beard oils out there. They’re made up of various carrier oils like jojoba, argan and sweet almond that provide intense hydration. Mixed in you will find essential oils such as patchouli and cedarwood that provide scent and powerful nutrients. The purpose of beard oil is to keep the facial hair moisturized, add some shine and encourage strong, healthy growth.

Beard oil is known for eliminating the dreaded “beardruff” that plagues bearded men in the very early stages of growth. The reason that beard oil works so well for this as opposed to other beard products is because the oil deeply penetrates the hair follicle right down to the roots. Think of your face as a garden; water the roots and you’ll sprout beautiful bearded buds!

At Tough 'Ombres Beards we pride ourselves with their beard products that are well researched to provide the highest quality and best benefits. With natural essential oils like eucalyptus, pine needle and cedarwood, Tough 'Ombres Beards oils provide deep conditioning and amazing fragrance. You can check out their lineup here.

Beard oil works best when used after the shower on a slightly damp beard, that way the hair follicles and pores are open from the shower steam and are ready to absorb the oil. A little goes a long way so be careful! Too much will have you feeling and looking greasy.

The one thing that beard oil lacks is styling hold. Because it is purely an oil, it won’t help you create that awesome handlebar mustache or mold your beard into a pleasant point. If you are seeking more of a styling product, you’ll want to grab some beard balm or wax to do the trick.

If you have a longer beard and are looking for something to style it, tame fly-away and condition the hair, then beard balm would work best for you. Beard balm has pretty much the same properties as a beard oil, except it is thicker and provides a little support throughout the day. Consider it to be a shea butter and oil hybrid. The main ingredients are typically beeswax, carrier oils, shea butter and various other conditioning agents that give it a thick, buttery like consistency.

If you are comfortable with a little bit of weight and texture in your face fuzz, then you’ll enjoy really enjoy beard balm.

Although it may seem like you must choose one or the other, you can use beard oil and balm together in perfect harmony. One suggestion is to use beard oil after a shower before you go to bed so that the oil can work its magic overnight. When you wake up, slap on some beard balm in the morning to keep your beard shaped, styled and hydrated all day long.


Stinky, bacteria filled beards are attractive – said no one ever. A severely overlooked product is beard wash or beard shampoo. It’s important not to forget that your beard hair is STILL hair! If you wash the hair on your head, you should probably wash the hair on your face too (considering a beard doubles as a crumb catcher).

You’re may be thinking, “what’s the difference between regular shampoo and beard shampoo?” That’s a great question. Generic shampoos that are meant for head hair can strip your beard and skin of the natural sebum and oils you produce, leaving a dry, brittle beard. There’s even a greater chance of your beard hair breaking and falling out by using a regular shampoo.

If you use a designated beard wash, you’ll be cleansing your beard but also infusing it with hydrating oils to maintain its strength and shine. WHICH IS FOR YOU?

Hopefully now that we’ve distinguished what each beard care product does, you’ll be able to choose which product your rugged mug needs. Tough 'Ombres Beards suggestion is to use all three! You’ll gain maximum benefits from the different carrier and essential oils, plus your beard will look and smell the best it’s ever been.

To start building your beard grooming kit, check out Tough 'Ombres Beards at


How to Apply Beard Oil the Right Way in 6 Easy Steps

What causes oily skin?

Notice that your skin emits a little extra shine? Fact is, everyone has oil in their skin. Under each of your pores is a sebaceous gland that produces natural oils called sebum. This helps keep your skin hydrated and healthy.

In some people, though, the sebaceous glands can produce too much oil. This creates oily skin.

You know you have oily skin if your skin constantly looks shiny, and you go through several blotting sheets a day. Oily skin can even feel greasy within hours of cleansing.

Breakouts are also more likely because the sebum mixes with dead skin cells and gets stuck in your pores.

The causes of oily skin include genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors. While you can’t necessarily get rid of oily skin, you can take steps to make your skin less oily. The key is to identify one or more of these seven underlying causes.

1. Genetics

Oily skin tends to run in families. If one of your parents has oily skin, you’re likely to have overactive sebaceous glands, too.

2. Age

While you don’t necessarily grow out of oily skin, your skin will indeed produce less sebum as you age. Aging skin loses protein, such as collagen, and the sebaceous glands slow down.

This is why many people who have aging skin also have dry skin. This is also the time when fine lines and wrinkles are more noticeable because of the lack of collagen and sebum.

One benefit of oily skin is that you may not show signs of aging as quickly as your drier counterparts.

You may have oily skin now, but you’ll need to evaluate your skin as you get older. Even people in their 30s may not have the same skin composition as they did in their teens and 20s.

3. Where you live and the time of year

While genetics and age drive the underlying causes of oily skin, where you live and the time of year can also make a difference.

People tend to have oilier skin in hot, humid climates. You’re also more likely to have more oil on your skin during the summer than you would in the fall or winter.

While you may not be able to pick up and move away because of your oily skin, you can adjust your daily routine during days of high heat and humidity.

4. Enlarged pores

Sometimes your pores can stretch out due to age, weight fluctuations, and previous breakouts. Larger pores also tend to produce more oil.

5. Overdoing your skin care routine

On the flip side, washing your face or exfoliating too often can also make your skin oily. This can seem like an oxymoron, since the purpose of washing and exfoliating is to get rid of oil.

But if you do this too often, you strip away too much of the oil from your skin. This can cause your sebaceous glands to go into emergency mode, where they produce even more oil to make up for the loss.



How to Apply Beard Oil the Right Way in 6 Easy Steps


The best time to apply beard oil is right after you get out of the shower. Your beard will be its cleanest and the pores of your skin will have opened up nicely.

Gently towel dry your beard before applying oil but leave it slightly damp. You don’t want to apply oil when your beard is too wet.


The first steps in applying beard oil are pouring the oil in your hand and then applying it to your beard.

Simple enough, right?

Well, not so fast.

Determining how much beard oil to use should never involve guesswork. Specifically, the length and thickness of your beard determine how much oil you’ll need.:

A new beard up to 1 month – 3 to 4 drops

1-3 months of beard growth – 4-6 drops

3-12 months – 6-10 drops

One year and over – 10 drops and up

Keep in mind that the above guide is just that – a guide. You may find the right amount for you and your beard through trial and error.

In most cases, less is more when it comes to beard oil (and beard balm, for that matter).

Also, remember that oil doesn’t evaporate like water. Applying too much of it may lead to dripping and unwanted embarrassment.

That said, if you’re using beard oil for the first time – or first few times – apply a small amount at first and then use more only after you’ve become adept at applying it. When you’ve applied enough oil, your beard will feel softer and fully-coated.


The question of how often to use beard oil is a little like how much oil you should use, i.e., it depends on a variety of factors. And not all beard oils are alike. Many bearded gents use beard oil every day.

Some other things to consider:

Men who live in humid climates and have shorter beards may get away with using beard oil every couple of days.

If you live in a dry climate, you may need to apply beard oil more than once a day.

How often to apply beard oil is, again, sometimes a matter of personal preference.

There’s certainly nothing wrong with applying it every day. Most experts encourage daily use to help keep your beard as healthy and attractive as possible.

And here’s another thing – you can even it apply it to your hair and neck (and other areas of your skin). One of beard oil’s many benefits is that it helps keep your skin healthy.


Pouring the oil into your hand isn’t overly-complicated, but you need to be careful not to pour out too much.

A typical bottle of beard oil is from 1 to 3 fluid ounces, and different brands use a variety of caps or mechanisms to make the pouring job easier.

Again, the goal is not to waste any of the oil while lessening the risk of applying more of it on your beard than you need.

If your bottle comes with a dropper, be sure to immediately put the dropper back into the bottle once you’ve dispensed the right amount into your palm.

Don’t set it on a countertop or other surface where it may attract contaminants.


OK, you’ve taken a shower and the skin underneath your beard is warm, ready, and waiting. You’ve patted your beard with a towel but left it damp.

And now, here comes the fun part – applying your beard oil. How to apply beard oil?

STEP 1: Once you’ve poured the oil, spread it evenly on your palms and fingers.

STEP 2: Work the oil into your skin before spreading it onto your beard. It’s important to get the oil to the roots of your beard to help keep it healthy and strong.

STEP 3: Distribute the oil evenly in your beard by applying it across and with the grain.

STEP 4: Brush your palms along the sides of your beard and then do the same down the front of it.

STEP 5: Bring your hands up through the bottom of the beard as you continue to spread your beard oil evenly.

STEP 6: Use your fingertips to coat the hairs of your mustache.


If you don’t already have a quality beard comb, we suggest buying one because it’s an excellent tool to use in the process of applying beard oil.

Combing your beard has many benefits, including that it 1) prevents ingrown hairs, 2) lines up hairs to make your beard appear fuller, and 3) it keeps stray hairs from getting into your mouth – and trains them to grow away from it.

Last, but not least, combing your beard makes it easier to distribute beard oil evenly.

Like most things, however, there’s a right way and wrong way to comb your beard. We’re going to focus on the right way:

Go slowly

You’re not in a race here, even if you’re short on time after sleeping through your alarm.

But comb your beard slowly to untangle any knots you may encounter along the way.

Don’t force the issue if you do hit a snag; instead, remove your comb and gently try again until you’re able to pull through the knot without yanking out beard hair in the process.

A quick note about beard combs

Remember, the wider the teeth on your comb, the easier it will glide through your beard.

Combs typically have smaller teeth, as well – making the ideal for mustaches – but begin the combing process by using the wider teeth.

Start low and work your way higher

Holding your comb with its teeth upward, start by combing from the bottom of your beard.

Start by your neck and work your way toward the chin and cheeks. This will separate your beard’s hairs and give you a full, “fluffy” look.

Comb downward

After you’ve separated the hairs and given your beard a fuller look, comb your beard downward and into the style you prefer.

Also, don’t forget your mustache.

Note: Beard combs work best with longer beards. Give your beard time to grow in fully before getting serious and using a comb.

And that, friends, is an outline of how to use beard oil, whether you’re a longtime oil user or a newbie who’s just getting the hang of beard care.

Beard oil is one of many tools available to help you – and your beard – to look your best, and is among the valuable beard products every beards man should own.

There are many choices when it comes to beard oil; in the end, however, it comes down to the oil that works best for you and your type of beard.