12 Reasons To Grow A Beard:

12 Reasons To Grow A Beard:

luglio 21, 2021

12 Reasons To Grow A Beard: The Benefits Behind Your Facial Hair.

We bet that you've looked at yourself in the mirror at least once and thought, "Hey, I wonder how I'd look with a beard". Those of you who already have one probably can't imagine yourself without it.

But, what do you gain out of growing and grooming your beard? You'll be pleased to know that there are many benefits. 

Here are our top 12 reasons why you should grow and groom your beard:

1 - Make A Positive First Impression

Did you know you only have 1/10th of a second to make a first impression?! And we all know how long first impressions last...

One study followed eight men who shaved their beards off. Each man took pictures of the different stages of their beards growing back. 

Once their beards had grown back fully, 64 men and 64 women looked at the pictures and rated them. 

When researchers got the results back, they discovered that men with fuller beards set a more favourable impression. Participants perceived men with fuller beards as more healthy, attractive and mature.

2 - Feel More Attractive

A study at the University of Queensland interviewed 1000 women aged 18 to 70. They were asked to rank men as potential partners on a scale of zero to 100. 

Men with full beards won by a landslide as being more attractive for short and long term relationships. 

3 - Protect Against Skin Cancer

Your beard can protect you from the sun! 

Thick beards can block up to 95% of the sun's harmful UV rays. This can protect you from getting burnt, as well as reducing the risk of developing skin cancer.

4 - Reduce Wrinkles

The benefits of protection from the sun don't end there.

A study by Radiation Protection Dosimetry found that bearded men develop fewer wrinkles. This is because bearded men are less exposed to harmful UV rays that accelerate the ageing of the skin.

Having a beard will keep your skin looking and feeling healthier and younger. 

5 - Avoid Acne

Shaving can spread bacteria across your face, which causes acne. By skipping it altogether, you can say goodbye to razor cuts and pimples and hello to smooth, healthy skin.

6 - Prevent Blemishes

Shaving can cause folliculitis. 

Folliculitis is an infection caused by ingrown hairs and has the appearance of an inflamed pimple. 

Getting blemishes can be frustrating, but by forgoing shaving and letting your hair grow naturally with occasional trimming, you can avoid the hassle altogether. 

Growing a beard can help you nurture healthier skin that both looks and feels good. 

7 - Avoid Dry Skin

Extreme temperature changes in the summer and winter months can dry out your skin.

Shaving opens up your skin's pores. In summer or winter, exposed pores will cause your skin to lose moisture and start flaking. Shaving can also cause minor cuts that dry out and irritate your skin.

A beard will seal in the moisture and protect your skin against harsh winds and cold or hot weather that may cause dryness. To moisturize your beard and the skin beneath, make sure to check out our beard oils.

8 - Have a Natural Filter

So we know that beards can improve our external appearance and health, but did you know they can help you internally too?

A beard acts as a natural filter that keeps microscopic allergens and airborne bacteria away from your mouth. 

If you're looking for even more protection, then growing a moustache can keep microscopic allergens away from your nose too. This can prevent conditions like hay fever or other allergies. 

By acting as a natural filter, having a beard can improve your overall internal health. And when you feel good, it's natural that you look good too.

9 - Look More Mature

For younger men out there who want to develop a more mature charm, growing a beard is the way to go. 

Beards have been scientifically proven to lend more maturity and masculinity to a face. 

10 - Stay Youthful

We know - it sounds like a contradiction.

How can a beard make you look mature yet youthful at the same time?

Well, whilst giving an appearance of maturity, beards offer protection against many ageing elements. 

This can range from blemishes to skin cancer, wrinkles and discolouration. By shielding your skin from these elements, your skin can remain youthful and healthier for longer.

Growing a beard offers all the positive aspects of a sophisticated appearance while preventing the less desirable ageing elements. 

11 - Be More Confident

Those of you who've sported both a clean face and a beard, when did you feel more confident?

Odds are, it's when you had a beard.

Power and confidence go hand in hand with growing and grooming a beard. 

Studies show that beards boost a man's status amongst other men while also making them look wiser and stronger. 

But, the benefits don't stop there.

A beard can also internally give you a boosted sense of confidence.

Confidence is essential in many situations and is the foundation of success, so if you're looking to level up, why not give a beard a go? You won't regret it. 

12 - Stay Warm and Cosy

Does your head feel cold during winter?

If you've got a full head of hair, chances are your head doesn't feel chilly in the blistering cold. 

Now apply that logic to your face.

With a beard, you would be warmer and more comfortable in the arctic weather. A full beard will keep your face and neck nice and warm even during winter's coldest days. 

Make sure to check out our top tips for keeping a healthy beard. Our natural ranges of beard care products are here to help you feeling and looking confident and well-groomed.