All About Beard Butter: What is Beard Butter & How Do I Use It?

All About Beard Butter: What is Beard Butter & How Do I Use It?

febbraio 26, 2021

All About Beard Butter: What is Beard Butter & How Do I Use It?

You’ve probably heard of beard butter. 

But what exactly does it do? And what is it made of? How do you use it?

We’re here to answer all your beard butter questions. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about this handy little product!

What is Beard Butter? 

Beard butter is a thick moisturising lotion for your beard. It targets both the hair and skin underneath. Beard butter helps with beard care, styling and maintenance. Most Beard Butters are made up of natural butter and carrier oils.

Our beard butter contains: 

- Shea Butter

- 9 premium oils (Sweet Almond Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, Avocado Oil, Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Pumpkin Seed Oil and Hempseed Oil)

- All Natural Ingredients

What Does Beard Butter Do For My Beard?

Think of butter and a hybrid of beard oil and beard balm. 

Overall, Beard Butter is a great way to ensure your beard is looking fresh and healthy. 

Specific benefits include: 

  • Skin Hydration 

  • If you’re suffering from dry, itchy skin underneath your beard, beard butter is a great product to use. It soothes and skin irritation and moisturizes dry patches. Beard butter gives your skin the nutrients it needs to stay healthy and strong underneath your beard. 

  • Hair Softening

  • Beard butter softens your hairs. It stops your beard from drying out and feeling wirey or coarse. 

  • Styling 

  • Although it is not as well-known for styling as its brother the beard balm, beard butter is still a useful grooming tool. It directs your hair in the right direction and adds control to your chosen style. 

  • Unblocking Your Pours 

  • Because it is packed with vitamins and nutrients, Beard Butter is a great way to replenish your pores, stopping dirt from clogging them. 

    Beard Butter Vs Beard Balm 

    Why would you choose Beard Butter over Beard Balm?

    Both products are excellent beard care tools, but each has different qualities which might suit your beard more effectively. 

    There are two main differences between Beard Butter and Beard Balm. 

  • Texture
  • Beard Butter has the consistency of a thick moisturiser. Think of it as a smooth pot of butter, only for your face! Beard balm is more compact, a harder substance in a handy little tin. 

    Beard Balm has a higher concentration of wax than Beard Butter does, making it harder and more suitable for styling. 

  • Purpose 
  • Although Beard Butter does have some styling benefits, it’s primary purpose is to care for your beard health. Beard Balm is pretty much the opposite. 

    Often used for beard styling, the wax inside the beard balm will help mould and shape your beard as your desire. Your facial hair should feel shiny and smooth.

    Beard Balm is a thick, hard substance and is excellent for taming medium to long beards or thick and coarse beards. 

    If your main priority is to care for your beard, opt for Beard Butter. If your main focus is to style your beard, opt for Beard Balm! Or use both… Simple! 

    To find out more about Beard Balm, check out our blog here

    Beard Butter vs Beard Oil 

    Beard Butter and Beard Oil have a very similar purpose. Both products help care for your skin and hair. 

    Facial Hair

    Men’s facial hair is often wiry and coarse. Beards become dry and crisp as they are promoted by testosterone.

    To combat this, the beard hairs attempt to feed themselves with nutrients from the skin underneath. As the hair follicles grow longer, it becomes harder to pull the natural skin oils through each hair’s whole length and your beard is left bone dry and brittle. Both Beard Butter and Beard Oil can help. They teat your hair with the natural oils it lacks, leaving it smooth and soft so it no longer has to feed on the skin beneath.


    Skin does not react well to facial hair. As the hair steals the skin's nutrients to feed itself, the skin becomes irritated and sore. This results in itchy, red, unhappy skin. Both beard butter and oil imitate your skin's natural oils such as Sebum; the Carrier oils soothe and replace the oils your skin has lost. They prevent itchy, dry skin whilst moisturizing and replenishing your beard.

    So what’s the difference? 

    The main difference between Beard Butter and Beard OIl is the texture. Beard Butter is a thicker, creamier substance due to the natural butter added. 

    Beard oils will leave your beard with a shinier finish due to the liquid texture, whereas beard butter will be a subtler finish.

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    How Do I Use Beard Butter?

    Applying beard butter is super simple. Take a look at our steps for success: 

  • Wash your beard and dry it naturally (we also recommend using a beard conditioner)
  • Make sure your hands are clean.
  • Scoop a small amount of your beard butter out of the jar or tin onto your fingertips
  • Rub your hands together to spread it out across both hands
  • Rub the beard butter evenly onto your beard and skin underneath 
  • Use a comb to style the beard and spread the butter from root to end. 

  • Do You Have Any Recommendations?

    We always recommend using beard butter that is made of natural ingredients.  The synthetic ingredients found inside some beards brand products can cause skin irritation and damage your facial hair. Treat your beard with natural products for the best results.

    Check out our Premium Beard Butters here.

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