Top 10 Beard Trends of 2020

Top 10 Beard Trends of 2020

ottobre 20, 2020

Top 10 Beard Trends of 2020


Coming into 2020, the world has welcomed the trend of the thick and stylish beard. Finally! Beards styles are battling it out to be the trendiest facial hair flair! One of the best things about a beard is that for every man, there is a perfect style.


The year 2020 showed us many remarkable events, not to mention the ongoing stress of Covid 19... Grooming became quite hard in those tough days of isolation! But it did give men a chance to grow those lovely beards during lockdown.


Let’s talk about the top 10 most-happening beard trends of 2020 so you can adopt one for your own lovely facial hair!


Here we go...


10. Classic Beard


A Classic beard has been the best option for decades now. It’s not too short and not too long either. However, this beard style is thick and dense, requiring a little maintenance, keeping on top of moisture and hydration. But, hey, don’t worry our Premium Conditioners combined with our Premium Beard Butter is all you need to groom your gorgeous Classic beard!


9. Biker Beard


A Biker beard is the staple of the bike enthusiasts! Loved by biker enthusiasts, this beard promotes biker culture by keeping an awesome and similar style. Hence, the name has turned out to be “Biker Beard”.


Brad Pitt is famous for keeping a Biker beard. He sported the look quite nonchalantly yet managed to stay at the top of his game!


In such a beard style, there is an added hair length on the chin area. If you're interested in the look, check out our beard oil praoducts, to combat itchy skin and brittle hair.


8. Short Asian Beard


The most popular Asian beard style this year is the short Asian beard. Beard trends within the Asian community fell over the past five years with clean-shaved chins being the popular choice! However, they're back baby!


A short asian beard and tash is the top choice. It supports a youthful, sophisticated, and a buoyant approach to keeping a perfect beard!


7. Bushy Beard


You might think that a Bushy beard would not need any sort of maintenance. But, to maintain the length and stop irritation, you will need a good Beard Oil or Beard Balm.


A Bushy beard suits men who are on a lookout to extend their jawlines. You don't have to sweat for a sharper jawline! It’s an easy solution for all chin conscious men or people who want an easier maintenance option.


Joaquin Phoenix’s version of the Bushy beard is very popular among men. It’s a great example of how awesome a Bushy beard can be.


6. Viking Beard


A Viking beard is best for those who want to embrace their inner warrior! If you're keen to adopt a little confidence, a viking beard can give you the strength to never surrender in front of your enemy! For men who are looking to grow an influential beard, with thick hair, a Viking beard is the way to go.


In order to maintain your Viking beard, you’ll have to groom it with Premium Beard Oil. Apply to your beard hair daily and thank me later!


For a great example, take a look at the all-time famous Viking - the legendary Ragnar.


5. Short Beard


A Short beard is an excellent option for summers. A light, graceful, and easily manageable beard can help you to spend a peaceful and sweat free summer. Any man can easily achieve this look. A quick trim from time to time will help keep your beard in tip top condition!


Moreover, you can get a classy and stylish look that is popular with modern men.


A light massage with a Premium Beard Oil is all you need for making the beard hair smooth, rather than brittle!


4. Full Beard


A Full beard is not everyone’s cup of tea. But, it looks damn awesome! Remember, Tom Hanks in Cast Away, he nailed the Full beard look and everyone went gaga over it! Basically, achieving a Full-length beard is a time-consuming process. Not everyone prefers that. But, if you want to speed up the process and maintain a silky smooth standard, check out our collections here.


3. Patchy Beard


A Patchy beard is an all round natural look. The men who have struggled with growing facial hair would know this style better. But, in 2020, a Patchy beard is in top trend! Keanu Reeves, David Beckham, and many other celebrities have proudly donned this look! Embrace your patches, they're awesome.


2. Van Dyke Beard


The famous painter from the 17th century created the look and made it popular for the days to come! It’s all about a moustache, a goatee, and clean-shaven cheeks. Adding a moustache with a nice curl to it can create absolute magic in this very look. Johnny Depp has been famous for keeping a Van Dyke beard time and again!


Special thanks to Van Dyke and then Mr. Johnny Depp who revitalised the delight of a Van Dyke Beard! This look requires a lot of maintenance. You must invest in a good beard trimmer, beard wash and beard conditioner. Keeping your beard clean and hydrated will help it stay on trend and healthy!

1. Grey Beard

The silver foxes are on the rise! Beards are becoming increasingly popular with mature men. A well-groomed (and smelling) beard shows sophistication and personal care. Women have fallen at the feet of men like George Clooney! Could they feel the same way about you? Keep your beard smelling sweet with a scent like Peppermint Candy!


The Bottom Line


So, the-above-mentioned are the 10 most famous beard trends of today! If you love them, give them a try!


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