Beating the Bearded Blues

Beating the Bearded Blues

8月 26, 2020

Beard Oil: How to Beat Your Bearded Blues

Some heroes don’t wear capes. This one doesn’t. In fact, it comes ready to conquer your irritable beard in a handy sized bottle...


That’s right! We’re talking about Beard Oil.


Groomed facial hair is seriously trendy. This little product will have your beard looking and feeling fresh in no-time! A staple for any true Tough ‘Ombre.


Here is a little bit about how it can help you care for your beard.


What is Beard Oil?


Beard Oil has two main ingredients.


  • 1. Carrier Oils. An oil such as Jojoba or Argan takes up the majority of this product. Find more information about Carrier Oils here.
  • 2. Essentials Oils. This is for scent. Different beard oils are scented differently depending on brand and your preference. Learn more about essential oils here.


What Does Beard Oil Do?


Beard oil provides nourishment to both your facial hair and your skin.


Facial Hair


Mens facial hair is often wiry and coarse. Beards become dry and crisp as they are promoted by testosterone.


In order to combat this, the beard hairs attempt to feed themselves with nutrients from the skin underneath. As the hairs grow longer it becomes harder to pull the natural skin oils through the whole length of each hair.


Your beard is left bone dry and brittle.




Skin does not react well to facial hair. As the hair steals the skin's nutrients to feed itself, the skin becomes irritated and sore. This results in itchy, red, unhappy skin.


So what do we end up with?


Dry hair and itchy skin. Sounds like a recipe for disaster!


Time for beard oil to step in!


How does Beard Oil help?


Beard oil treats your hair with the natural oils it lacks, leaving it smooth and soft. It no longer has to feed from the skin beneath.


By imitating your skin's natural oils such as Sebum, the Carrier oils soothe and replace the oils your skin has lost.


It prevents itchy, dry skin, whilst moisturizing and replenishing your beard.


The result? A well-groomed, sweet feeling and smelling beard.  


Sounds good right?


The History of Beard Oil


Beard oil has been used to condition beards for centuries. This product has certainly been tried and tested by the best!


Here is a quick blast through the history of beard oil.


In the Beginning


First Use - The first use of beard oil was thought to be in Ancient Mesopotamia. Beards were pretty much worshipped! Men would decorate their beards with ribbons and gold dust. It was thought the first beard oil used to support this beard loving was sesame seed oil! Which not only treats the beard but kills lice and other nasty creatures.


Native Americans - The Native Americans used their beards to fight off the chills throughout the terrible winters! They used sweet almond and grapeseed oil to treat their beards. These carrier oils are popular in products today!


The Greeks - In Greece, beards were used as a tribute to Apollo the Sun god! Once you began growing a beard as a boy, you weren’t allowed to cut your hair until it had fully formed. It was the ultimate sign of manhood!


The Greeks used castor oil to treat their beards. It promotes healthy growth, making the hair grow faster and longer.


Beard Oil For Sale


Early 1800’s


The first beard oil ever available to buy was Macassar Oil. This oil soared to popularity during the Victorian and Edwardian periods. It was created by the London barber Alexander Rowland.


Macassar oil was a mix of palm and coconut oil. It was thick and gloopy and would rub off on upholstery! But it did the job back then!




In the 1930’s beard oil began to modernise. The flaws of Macassar oil had been recognised and companies began using lightweight oils such as Argan or Jojoba oil.


Nowadays beard oil promotes both beard health and beard grooming! It is a must have item for all beard lovers!


When Do I Apply Beard Oil?


The prime time for beard oil application is after a hot shower! Use after beard wash (check out our beard wash here) when your hair is clean and soft.


Make sure your hair is 80%-90% dry before you apply. Any excess water will stop the oil from being absorbed properly.


How Do I Apply Beard Oil?


  • 1. You only need a couple of drops.  Adjust to your individual needs.
  • 2. Drop a small amount of beard oil into the palm of your hand
  • 3. Rub your hands together spreading the oil evenly over your palms and fingers
  • 4. Brush your palms over the side and in front of your beard
  • 5. Brush your hands from your neck up to your mouth. Pulling the beard oil through the hair as you go.
  • 6. Run your fingers gently over your moustache and coat the beard in oil.
  • 7. Use a comb to brush your moustache and beard whilst distributing the oil. 


Beard oils are available in hundreds of varieties. Many are a mix of different carrier oils, sweetened with a scent from a natural oil.


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