Do Women Find Bearded Men More Attractive?

Do Women Find Bearded Men More Attractive?

6月 03, 2021

Do Women Find Bearded Men More Attractive?

A question that has been on the minds of many men throughout history.


Do women prefer a bearded chin to a clean-shaven face? And if so, what type of beards? And how many women prefer them?

Some of us have heard that growing and maintaining a beard increases your dating chances with the ladies. It can hide a weak jaw and transform a babyface by giving it masculine appeal. 

Beards are rugged, cool, and stylish. What's not to love?

But, others say that a clean-shaven face is golden in the dating scene, particularly when you're dating a woman who prefers a younger look. 

So which one do you opt for?

Before you panic and reach for your razor, check out these scientific studies on women's facial hair preferences. You might not need that razor after all...

Study 1: Do Beards Sell More?

Has a girlfriend or girl you liked ever bought clothes for you? What do women look for when buying clothes? What makes a man more attractive to women?

AdonisClothing was curious too, so they decided to investigate.

US-based men's fashion store, AdonisClothing's customer base is 70% female. Their repeat customer base is 80% female. 

The store's CEO Jason Johansson was curious about his majority-female clientele, which is how he came up with this intriguing test. 

The Test

The company created two pictures for each of their products. One with a clean-shaven model and one with a beard edited onto the model. Everything else in the pictures remained the same. 

The product pictures were then uploaded to the website. When customers visited the website, they were randomly shown either the clean-shaven photo or the edited bearded image.

Over 15 days, 36,000 customers visited the website, and the company tracked which products were bought more. 

The Results

Which one do you think sold more? We'll give you a moment to place your bets.

The winner was the bearded pictures!

When shown models sporting a beard, customers were 50% more likely to buy the product. And using a bearded model increased the company's sales by a whopping 33%. 

So the next time you're looking to impress a girl, you know what to do.

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So why did the beards sell more?

Study 2: Why Do They Sell More?

What is it about beards that many women prefer? 

Worry not; you don't need to spend hours pondering why. A 2016 study by the Journal of Evolutionary Biology has already figured it all out.

The Study

The study asked 8,500 women to rank men with different facial hair. The men shown sported clean-shaven faces, stylish light stubble, rugged, heavy stubble, and handsome full beards.

The Results

Can you guess what the results of the study were?

Surprise! Women preferred the men who had facial hair, but you guessed that already, right?

Why Do They Prefer It?

The women in the experiment found facial hair more attractive because they feel that men with facial hair are more committed. They believed they would have a more long-term relationship with men who rocked facial hair. 

What's incredible is that it didn't matter how much facial hair a man had. As long as he had some facial hair, women found it attractive. 

Women also perceived men with facial hair as being more masculine and socially dominant. Full beards were seen as the most socially mature and masculine. Light stubble was also seen as attractive for short and long-term relationships. 

Bottom Line

It seems most of us think that beards look great. I mean, look at Keanu Reeves and Liam Hemsworth with and without a beard. The beards definitely give them a mature and handsome charm.

Study 3: Who Prefers Beards?

Everyone has a preference. You probably have your own preferences that you're looking for in a partner. But, on average, what age range of women has a taste for beards?

The Study

A study by Tessa R. Clarkson et al at the University of Queensland set out to answer that question. 

They asked 919 American women ranging between the ages 18 to 70 to rate a series of pictures of men. These pictures were edited in various ways. 

First, they edited the pictures to show each stage of facial hair growth. Then they altered the faces to look more masculine or more feminine. 

This left them with multiple images, some with a more feminine face and facial hair, masculine face and no facial hair or an unedited face with facial hair, and so on. You get the picture. 

So, what did women think about these different images, and which women specifically preferred them?

The Results

It's no surprise that women ranked the images with facial hair the highest. This is because facial hair made the men look more masculine, which signalled they were healthier and more appealing for long-term relationships. 

Interestingly, the women who preferred beards the most typically had more conservative views on politics and traditional views on men's roles in a relationship. 

Both single and married women who wanted children were also more likely to prefer bearded men. There seemed to be no correlation between the age of the woman and her preference for beards.

Bottom Line

It's undeniable that any women prefer beards. Whether you've got cool stubble or a handsome full beard, the dating scene is playing in your favor.

But, if you haven't grown your beard out and are itching to grow one now, here's our guide to achieving the perfect stubble.

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Well, what are you waiting for? Get out there and show off your beard with pride.