How Do I Grow My Beard?

How Do I Grow My Beard?

11月 29, 2020

How Do I Grow My Beard?

The hints, tips and secrets of getting more than a little bit of peach fuzz on your face.

Beards are something that a lot of men want. The ability to upgrade your face from a clean-shaven man on the street to a rugged, distinguished gentleman is not something to scoff at.

But where most men struggle is in the growing process. Surely the longer you go without a shave, the bigger and bushier your beard will be. Not true! While leaving the razor on the bathroom counter is key to letting those would-be whiskers thrive, there are also plenty of other factors that can impact the success of your beardy battle.

Let It Grow. Seriously.

A surprising amount of people don’t realize that when you’re growing out your beard, that you simply need to leave it alone. This doesn’t mean that you can’t groom, trim or style your beard during the growing process, but shaving won’t get you anywhere.

The old wives’ tale of shaving hair so that it grows back thicker is unfortunately wrong. If this was the case, most people wouldn’t have an issue growing out their beard after a couple of shaving sessions.


That said, you can bring out the shears if you’re starting to get a bit of unevenness or the dreaded neck beard. And it’s important to focus on thickness rather than length, since most people prefer a thick, bushy beard rather than a long wispy wizard beard.

Keep It Clean

Would you leave the rest of your body unwashed? Actually, don’t answer that. Whatever your washing habits might be, you should always make time to wash your face, and wash your beard. 

Using one of our face washes, your beard will be left feeling soft and plump. Over time, your facial hair will start to look dull and dirty, so it’s incredibly important to keep it clean. A bit of grime can make the biggest beards look bad, and vice versa. Safe to say, if your beard isn’t as big as you’d like it to be, you can take it up a notch just by keeping it clean and tidy.

Itchy? Use A Conditioner or Oil!

Many men complain that growing out their facial hair is an itchy process. Some guys might be lucky to not feel the hair-induced itch, but some aren’t so lucky. Other than ignoring it, there is only one guaranteed way to give yourself some relief from that infamous itch: taking care of it.

Our conditioners are soft on the skin as well as your beard. Using softening ingredients such as bergamot and patchouli, our beard conditioners help to get rid of wiry hairs, and moisturize the skin to leave it feeling soft and supple.


Beard oils are also amazing at combating itchy skin. By imitating your skin's natural oils such as Sebum, the Carrier oils soothe and replace the oils your skin has lost. Check out our blog all about beard oil to learn more.

Style As You Go

Some bearded fellows are blessed more than others. Some people can grow a full mountain man without much effort at all. The rest of us, however, need to pick our battles and know how to style our beards during the growing period.

As you grow out your beard, you’ll probably want to pick which style you want your beard to have. This means you can compensate for patchy areas or parts of your face that don’t get growth by committing to a specific beard style.


As your moustache gets longer, you’ll need to invest in a tin of wax, because getting hairs in your mouth or coffee on your ‘tache gets old pretty quick. Our all natural waxes are great for styling your upper lip and are very simple to use at home or even on-the-go.


If you find that you’re getting very little action on your cheeks, why not opt for a goatee? If your chin is as smooth as a baby’s butt, why not rock some mutton chops? These are great ways to add character to your beard whilst using your beard’s strengths to its advantage. You can even help to better shape your beard and eliminate problematic hairs with our beard balms.

Be Kind To Your Beard.

While you can’t control the genetic makeup handed down to you by your parents, you can assist your beard’s overall condition as well as prime areas on your face for better hair growth. 

One simple way is to use a dedicated beard wash. Face washes are great for the skin, but beard washes such as our
Hippeis Beard Wash are specifically designed to be gentle on the skin and totally cleansing for your facial hair.

The added benefit of a beard wash is that whatever beard you currently have will look significantly better once it’s looking clean, plump and revitalised. Even the biggest beards look bad when they’re sad and limp, so treat your beard right, and it will return the favour.

Don’t Be In Denial

The sad truth is, we can’t always have the beard that we want. Some guys are just lucky, and some are more follically blessed than others for a variety of reasons. Still, whatever your facial fuzz might be, you can still rock it with confidence!

If you can’t get a full beard, there are plenty of other shapes, styles and personalities out there that will suit you. Using one of our waxes or balms, you’ll be able to shape your beard into something that works for you, and doesn’t leave you looking like you’re in denial about your thin, scraggly facial hair.

Looking to keep your beard healthy and growing strong?

Our range of natural and affordable beard care products are perfect for anyone wanting to show off their whiskers in style. Our collections of washes, conditioners, butters and balms will have your beard looking its absolute best, and will prime your beard for the best growth possible. Whether you’re trying to impress others, or just be the best man you can be, then you don’t need to look further than Tough ‘Ombres.