The Best Beards in History

The Best Beards in History

9月 28, 2020

The Best Beards in History!


It's 2020 and beards are back baby!


As we dig deep into history, we find dozens of men who were famous for keeping a beard. Whenever we think of some of the most famous men, the first thing that comes in our mind is their awesome beards! Today we see that some crazy beard styles from the past are coming back in fashion.


These men were the epitome of fashion, regardless of the fact that no Barbarian Beard Conditioner or Barbarian Premium Beard Oil was available at that time for them to groom their beard! Imagine how great their beards would've been with some Tough 'Ombre products in their pockets...


It’s said that we must remember people because of their actions. But, we are different! We will remember people’s actions and their beards as well.


So, let’s have a look at the best beards the men wore in the past. Here we go!



Who doesn’t remember this guy? He was a revolutionary philosopher, historian, economist, socialist, and everything else! But, apart from all of that, he was a man with a great beard! His beard oozed out excellence and class. His actions were seriously impactful, and so was his distinct and dense beard! Karl Marx changed the world and taught people to never fear and put on a beard with pride!



If you’re interested in the ancient Greek stories, then you will definitely be acquainted with the aura of Sophocles. He was among one of the best ancient Greek playwrights and contributed a lot to the literature. He also wrote 120 plays! Wow!


Sophocles was fond of keeping a long, thick beard that you might love to wear today!


If you really want to keep such a beard, I’ll suggest you apply our Premium Butter daily!

Mona Lisa, the mighty famous painting was the creation of Mr. Leonardo Da Vinci! History remembers him as an all-rounder as he was a professional at everything. You name it, and he’ll do it! Apart from being the best painter, architect, historian, and scientist, his beard has a legacy of its own!


His smooth and shiny beard is the dream of many youngsters these days!


The man with a great mind, Charles Robert Darwin changed the fate of science and opened a variety of horizons for us to ponder. He was successful at explaining that all the species have stemmed from common ancestors with the passing of time. The ‘Theory of Evolution’ emerged due to widespread recognition.


Maybe, there was a hand of his famous beard in the recognition of the theory! Who knows!

Salvador Dali was a famous Spanish artist who was renowned for creating breathtaking pieces of art! The Surrealist artist was able to craft unique and idiosyncratic structures that defied all the odds! His work required sharp eyes to judge his phenomenal expertise in art. Not only were his images inimitable. Rather, his moustache was one of its own kind!


The way in which Salvador Dali managed to achieve the sharp and an angling moustache is a secret that hasn’t been revealed yet!


Nonetheless, you can try any of our Premium Beard Oils for replicating such a moustache! It might become possible.


This man broke all the records and emerged to the top due to his longest beard in the whole world. He was a Norwegian-American, having an enormous length of his beard hair. All the men that we’ve discussed up till now are popular for their expertise too. But, this guy is only famous for his colossal beard!


With no grooming products available at that time, how did he manage such a massive beard! Did Premium Beard Balm exist at that time? I highly doubt it!


But, it’s available today, so why not buy and apply for a smooth beard!

Santa Claus, no matter whether he is real or not, his mighty thick beard is an inspiration for all the men out there! The Western Christian culture believes in Santa Claus and follows him to the core. But, we have only seen him in images and movies. He seems to concentrate a lot on his beard before appearing with gifts on Christmas!


Who knows he might be applying products such as our All Natural Beard Balm. After all, his beard is sensationally smooth! He is Santa, he can do anything!

Abraham Lincoln needs a special mention in this list due to his cultured and chic beard that was not too long to disturb the endeavours he possessed! By the way, he was the first-ever president of America to wear a beard. Plus, Abraham Lincoln’s beard has a name as well! It’s called “Chinstrap Beard”.


This man conducted the White House’s affairs like a boss and simultaneously wore a near to perfect beard. The Chinstrap Beard is so famous that even today, people like to keep it to copy the spark of the great Abraham Lincoln!

Out of history and into the present!  Let me introduce you to Harnaam Kaur, the awesome girl who proudly wears a beard and has no complaints. Even men would like to have a similar beard but they fail to do so! Harnaam Kaur is an activist, anti-bullying campaigner, and a motivational speaker who resides in the UK.


Due to hormonal imbalance, she is able to grow a full beard. Obviously, when someone goes through such a condition, they might be a little annoyed. However, Harnaam Kaur wore a beard and never shaved it off! Hats off to her courage and strength!


She’ll surely be discussed in the future, not only for her contributions. But, also for her beard! If you also want your name in the history books, go and check out Awesome Beard Washes for a silky, smooth beard!


The Bottom Line


So, the above-mentioned were a few personalities who changed fashion and the world! All supported by their epic beards! Are you looking forward to achieving a similar beard? If yes, then don’t forget to visit our collections and grab some exceptional products for your beard!