About Us

We're glad you've found your way to our fast growing online store. We are known for our deep discounts but our reputation is built on sticking to our strong set of 3 core principles

Three core principles:

  1. Consumer Education
  2. Giving Back To The Community
  3. Actively Seeking Out  Opportunities To Help Society

By focusing on our core principles:

  1. We Create A Strong and Knowledgeable Community Member
  2. We Help In Growing The Bearded Community
  3. We Help Society By Helping Meet Its Needs

Shop with us today and see the Tough 'Ombres Beards difference: Indulge Your Beard!

About me From the Founder:


As Founder/Co-Owner of Tough 'Ombres Beards, I am very invested, committed, and place the highest level of importance on customer satisfaction.  I've taken the extra step of ensuring there is one staff member with the sole responsibility of focusing on customers or as I've told him my "Valued Family Members".

In a world with many options for you to choose from.  I understand your decision of the company you decide to entrust your business with is a very personal choice.  I view it as a great honor that you chose to place your faith and hard earned money in Tough 'Ombres Beards

How could I not consider you family, after the trust you've placed in Tough 'Ombres Beards.  I have a great obligation to you. It is my responsibility, honor bound duty, and commitment to every "Valued Family Member"

I cannot achieve success without you!!  I value, seek, encourge and need your input.  I don't care about my feelings, I care about honoring and respecting the trust you have placed in Tough 'Ombres Beards

I have to ensure daily that our mission statement is upheld:  "Tough 'Ombres Where Men Define Themselves and Set Their Standards High".  It's not about our needs!!!! 

A little about me personally:

After returning home from combat and becoming disabled, I was in a dark place in my life.  It made me question what are the truly important causes in this world and where can I still make a difference. 

I chose not to allow the bitterment I felt towards the world to control me.  I refused to allow myself to continue to dwell in the darkness. I made the conscious decision the best road I could take was to push the coldness and hardness of my heart to the side. 

I decided "for me" honoring and respectinng my "family" and committing to seeking out ways of helping others is the road I'm going to take. It doesn't matter to me if their "blood" or not.  I have developed many relationships with others, and I have a profoundly deep sense of commitment to them. 

I'm always looking for oppurtunities to add people to my life that I can call family.  Honor and respect of my "family" and strong commitment to helping others is a choice that is very personal to me.  By making that decision, my heart has softened and warmed.

I am truly experiencing the best moments of life by seeing the joy in others eyes.  It's my code I choose to live my life based on:  "Family, Honor, and Commitment are everything.  Without either, I am truly lost".

Views on my leadership duties:

A true leader does not achieve success on thier own merits.  It is through the commitment, sacrifices, and hard work performed by others that success is achieved.

It is my responsibility to inspire others to believe in my goals, believe in themselves, encourge, support, sacrifice, and mentor others:  If I fail at leading, I will not gain success.

Hobbies of mine:

I love traveling, meeting new people, riding my motorcycle as much as possible, and photo collecting.  I like the bearded community and think everyone should:  Indulge Your Beard!  Update:  My son got his first motorcycle and I'm looking forward to many rides with him.

I look forward to the day that I can call you a "Valued Family Member"

Earnest "Mr. Pancho"/ Founder and Co-Owner