Giving Back To Society

 From the Founder of Tough 'Ombres Beards:

"After returning home from combat and becoming disabled, I was in a dark place in my life.  It made me question what are the truly important causes in this world and where can I still make a difference. 

I chose not to allow the bitterment I felt towards the world to control me.  I refused to allow myself to continue to dwell in the darkness. I made the conscious decision the best road I could take was to push the coldness and hardness of my heart to the side. 

I decided "for me" honoring and respectinng my "family" and committing to seeking out ways of helping others is the road I'm going to take. It doesn't matter to me if their "blood" or not.  I have developed many relationships with others, and I have a profoundly deep sense of commitment to them. 

I'm always looking for oppurtunities to add people to my life that I can call family.  Honor and respect of my "family" and strong commitment to helping others is a choice that is very personal to me.  By making that decision, my heart has softened and warmed.

I am truly experiencing the best moments of life by seeing the joy in others eyes.  It's my code I choose to live my life based on:  "Family, Honor, and Commitment are everything.  Without either, I am truly lost."

 Recently my attention has been focused on helping children. Specifically the children of the only tribe of Native North American Indians that continue to live as they always have for centuries in the mountains and canyons of The Copper Cannon.